Harsh Trolls Ridicule Kate Lawler’s Weight in Vacation Photos

Harsh Trolls Ridicule Kate Lawler’s Weight in Vacation Photos

Martin Bojtos, the husband of Kate Lawler, responds to the harsh trolls who ridiculed Kate Lawler’s weight in vacation photos: Put down the phone and step outside for a while.

Martin Bojtos, the husband of Kate Lawler, has retaliated against the harsh trolls who recently insulted her size.

The 43-year-old former Big Brother champion, along with her husband Martin and their six-month-old baby, are currently travelling through Europe by car.

She has been updating her 480k Instagram followers, and on Sunday she posted a tonne of photos from the trip.

Kate looked chic in a black and white checkered pair of slacks and an orange bandeau top in one lovely photo.

Martin was encouraged to respond after some of Kate’s followers made disparaging comments about Kate’s physique.

I love that people worry about my wife’s weight when I cook for her, he wrote in the comments area, adding an emoji for laughter.

Guys, calm down; it’s just the camera perspective.

Put the phone away and spend a little time outside.

Kate posted numerous glitzy images of herself with the remark, “And just like that… “I’ve switched from wearing sunglasses, sun hats, white linen shirts, summer crop tops, and dressing like the fire extinguisher next to me to my favourite silk jammies doing all the laundry.

Summer vacations are officially finished.

It follows Kate’s retaliation against mother-shamers who condemned her for posting a video of her daughter Noa acting out while on a family vacation.

Kate received numerous responses from trolls advising her not to have brought Noa on the trip when she posted video of the toddler throwing a fit.

She claimed she wanted to expose the “reality” of flying with a baby in a lengthy post in which she criticised the “handful of Karens” who teased her.

First off, Kate asked that you refrain from telling me what I can and cannot post on my own Instagram account.

Even instructing a family member what they should or shouldn’t publish is not something I would ever consider doing.

Second, the clip I shared was not intended to be “entertainment.”

It is crucial for me to discuss the realities of travelling with two dogs and a young child because so many of you have requested suggestions, advice, and recommendations for road trips across Europe.

It would be utterly false and unrepresentative of this trip if I only provided adorable and happy family images.

Because I’m an honest person, I recently disclosed on tales that Boj and I had a fight in the car and felt like killing each other.

Despite the fact that we’ve made some unforgettable memories, it hasn’t always been easy.

Kate continued by pointing out that her daughter might have easily thrown a fit when they were at home.

The remarks that it was all too much for Noa and that is why she was having meltdowns or that we shouldn’t have taken her, are you kidding me?, she wrote.

When we’re at home, she’ll have slept for ten hours, be in a great mood and then have a full-blown meltdown because I gave her cereal bar in pieces rather than broken it.

So, 8 hours in the car with unlimited food, drinks, snacks, movies, TV shows, peppa pig songs and stories, multiple stops to walk and stretch her legs, playing i-spy, lullabies, a tonie box, blankets, and me holding her hand while Boj drives, these have actually been less stressful than when we’re at home on a typical day. ”

Since Noa was born I’ve scrolled through countless social media posts showingIt wasn’t picture-perfect when we took Noa on vacation for the first time in 2021, and I was devastated that everyone else’s vacations were happy and stress-free while ours were difficult.

It got me to thinking, “Surely there are other parents who find family vacations exhausting”.

Kate added another comment to her original one to further emphasise her argument, stating that she thinks Noa will find the tantrum video amusing as she gets older.

She further stated that she doesn’t post the majority of her parenting experiences on social media.

‘Of course it’s good to post holiday highlights on Instagram BUT I believe it’s time we also highlighted the reality of holidays, not just parenting at home,’ she added.

Share both the good and the bad so that other parents feel heard and seen.

So that people may realise that we are all involved in this and think, “Phew, it’s not just us.”

The parental rollercoaster ride, which will always have incredible highs and terrible lows both at home and while travelling.

It’s also not just a video of Noa crying; there are nappy changes, teeth brushing, dogs barking, me doing laundry in a sink, family selfies, an entire montage of real moments, and in fact I’m comforting Noa or have been comforting her before the videos and after.

My daughter already has a sense of humour, so I know she’ll find this video hilarious when I show it to her on her 18th birthday.

I live in her world.

Her most vulnerable moments, some of which I’ve never even disclosed to you, are NOT posted on Instagram.

The majority of my parenting occurs offline, therefore I didn’t record the times she damaged herself or was actually unhappy about anything important.

That shouldn’t need an explanation,’How would you feel if someone shared footage of you crying for amusement? was one of the most popular comments.

LOL Big Brother, I did. For nine weeks, footage of me crying was broadcast on national television every night.

To reiterate for the Karens in the back, however, this video was not intended for fun, as you would have realised if you had read the caption.

End of rant. Light and Love x’.

TV host Scarlett Moffatt, who commented to relate her own experience with mum-shaming, offered encouragement to Kate.’

Jude’s only 8 weeks old and the amount of unwanted parenting advice I’ve had,’ she wrote.

You shouldn’t allow your baby wear hats indoors, comments and messages poured in after I snapped a photo of him before we went on a walk.

It’s absurd, xx.”

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