Rita Ora Gushes Over Husband Taika Waititi, Calling Him a ‘Sex God’ on Live TV

Rita Ora, the renowned singer, found herself in a delightful yet flustering situation during a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

The singer, who tied the knot with New Zealand filmmaker Taika Waititi in a secret ceremony in August 2022, was unexpectedly confronted with a photo of her husband during a playful game of “what’s their aura?” hosted by Bravo icon Andy Cohen.

Rita’s candid response left everyone amused and curious about her relationship with Taika.

Rita’s Revelations: A Blissful Marriage

In recent times, Rita Ora has been more open about her relationship with Taika Waititi, and her comments suggest that their union is going exceptionally well.

While appearing on the show alongside megastar DJ Diplo, Rita was invited to describe her showbiz friends’ auras, leading to some intriguing insights and candid moments.

A Fun Game: Describing Auras

Host Andy Cohen introduced a game called “what’s their aura?” to Rita and Diplo.

The task was to describe the vibes of their celebrity friends.

Diplo kicked off the game by playfully labeling Justin Bieber as “content,” setting the tone for the playful banter.

Taika’s Unexpected Photo: Rita’s Flustered Response

The humorous moment arrived when Andy displayed a picture of Taika Waititi.

Rita Ora was momentarily lost for words, visibly flustered, before playfully branding her husband a “sex god.”

Her candid response elicited laughter and a blush, adding to the lighthearted atmosphere of the show.

It wasn’t the first time Rita had shared personal details on live television, as she had previously discussed her marriage on ITV’s This Morning.

Previous Insights: Rita’s Comments on Their Marriage

During her appearance on This Morning, Rita had shared her admiration for Taika, emphasizing how he stimulated her mentally and respectfully.

She expressed her fondness for him, but with a hint of playfulness, reminded everyone not to delve too deeply into their relationship details.

Rita also mentioned the recurring comment that they resembled each other, a topic of discussion among her friends.

The Mysterious Beginnings of Their Romance

Despite Rita Ora and Taika Waititi’s willingness to share tidbits of their relationship, many aspects remain shrouded in mystery.

They reportedly crossed paths long before they officially started dating, with Taika revealing that their introduction occurred at a barbecue hosted by Twilight legend Robert Pattinson.

However, both were in other relationships at the time.

Rumors of their romance began circulating on social media in April 2021, and in January of the following year, Rita confirmed that they had quietly married months earlier.

Rita’s Playful Spirit and Love Story

Rita Ora’s playful and candid moments, both on television and in the public eye, continue to endear her to fans.

Her description of Taika Waititi as a “sex god” only adds to the charm of their love story, leaving us intrigued and entertained by this talented couple’s evolving relationship.

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