From Cancun to Magaluf and Wild Nights in Newcastle: Geordie Shore’s Boozy Adventures and a Shocking Drinking Limit on the Gold Coast in Australia

From Cancun to Magaluf and even wild nights in Newcastle sipping vodka Lemonades and Smirnoff Ice, the Geordie Shore crew has been notorious for their partying and alcohol consumption.

However, it wasn’t until the 17th series set on the Gold Coast in Australia that the producers decided to implement a drinking limit.

In this article, we’ll delve into the reasons behind this unexpected turn of events and the impact it had on the show.

The Geordie Shore Chronicles: Madness and Mayhem

Throughout its run, Geordie Shore had seen its fair share of chaos, from Charlotte Crosby causing havoc in a jealousy-fueled rage to Aaron Chalmers punching his way through a phone box.

Chloe Ferry even made headlines for urinating on the floor during one memorable episode.

Despite these outrageous antics, there was never any real concern about the cast’s alcohol consumption.

It seemed like business as usual for the Geordies.

Forced to Act: The Australian Intervention

It wasn’t until the show decided to mix things up by introducing some Australian party animals that the producers were compelled to take action.

The collision of the Geordie Shore cast with their Southern Hemisphere counterparts resulted in unexpected consequences.

Trips to the emergency room had been relatively common in the show’s history, but it took a cast member’s bizarre transformation into a “zombie” for MTV to finally step in.

Nathan Henry’s Revelation: Strict Drinking Limits Unveiled

During an appearance on Love Island star Chloe Burrows’ podcast, Geordie Shore icon Nathan Henry shed light on the sudden imposition of strict drinking limits.

He revealed that it was after the Australian series that the cast found themselves capped on their alcohol consumption.

According to Nathan, “two of them put themselves in hospital” Down Under, leading to this drastic measure.

Australians vs. Brits: Alcohol Showdown

Nathan went on to explain the reasoning behind the Australians’ hospitalization, suggesting that they couldn’t handle their liquor like their British counterparts.

He playfully asserted that Australians were “babies” when it came to drinking and lacked the same alcohol tolerance as the Geordies.

Chloe couldn’t help but challenge this statement, given Australia’s reputation for heavy drinking.

Navigating Controversy: Nathan’s Apology

Realizing that his comments could potentially offend an entire country, Nathan Henry tried to make amends.

He mentioned his desire to further his career in Australian television and stated that he had many Australian friends.

Chloe reassured him, emphasizing that the podcast was all in good fun and not to be taken too seriously.

Geordie Shore’s Drinking Limit – A Lesson in Moderation

The introduction of a drinking limit in Geordie Shore, prompted by the escapades of two Australians on the Gold Coast, marked a turning point in the show’s history.

While the Geordies and their Aussie counterparts may have different drinking styles, the restrictions aimed to ensure everyone’s safety.

It’s a reminder that even the wildest parties need a touch of moderation to keep the fun going without going too far.