XL Bully Protest: Canine Advocates Gather to Challenge Breed Ban

XL Bully Protest: Canine Advocates Gather to Challenge Breed Ban

XL Bully Protest: Canine Advocates Gather to Challenge Breed Ban

A mass XL Bully meet, organized by the Bully Linkups Fundraiser, took place in Calludon Castle to protest the impending outlaw of the breed. Sixty-two of these dogs, known for their size and strength, assembled in a park on Sunday.

Owners, however, were strictly instructed not to bring ‘aggressive dogs’ or ‘dogs in season.’

Controversial XL Bully Meet Sparks Debate Over Breed Safety

In a video shared from the meet, XL Bully dogs were seen lining up with their owners. While some struggled against their harnesses, others were moved away from the group to calm down.

Notably, none of the dogs were shown wearing muzzles, raising concerns, especially since the breed has been associated with over 10 deaths in the UK since 2021.

Bully Linkups Fundraiser Organizes Mass Protest Against Breed Ban

The Bully Linkups Fundraiser orchestrated the event in response to the government’s decision to outlaw the American Bully XL breed, citing safety concerns.

Critics argue that the gathering, captured in a viral video, highlights the potential dangers of these dogs. Some individuals expressed shock that such an event was allowed to occur, emphasizing the need for stringent measures.

Outcry Over XL Bully Meet: Owners Challenge Government’s Breed Outlaw

As footage of the XL Bully meet went viral, public reaction intensified. Concerns were raised about the absence of muzzles on the dogs and the potential for chaos if any of them became aggressive.

Critics questioned the responsibility of the owners, suggesting the use of muzzles as a precautionary measure to ease public worries and prevent potential bites.

Debating Danger: XL Bully Owners Rally Against Upcoming Breed Ban

The impending ban on owning an American Bully XL in England and Wales, effective from February 1, 2024, has sparked controversy.

Owners, faced with the prohibition, can choose to apply for exemptions, subject to certain conditions, or opt for euthanasia, with the government offering compensation. The breed ban is a response to a series of recent fatal and horrific attacks involving XL Bully dogs.

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