London Pro-Palestine Protest Leads to Arrests as Thousands Gather

Pro-Palestine Protest in London

In central London, a protest in support of Palestine resulted in the arrest of seven individuals, as reported by the Metropolitan Police.

Among those arrested, four were suspected of breaching Section 60AA, two faced public order offense charges, and one was arrested for criminal damage.

Policing Operation and Crowd Dispersal

The Metropolitan Police carried out a significant policing operation in central London, which was still active at 5.30pm.

Most of the crowd dispersed at the end of the procession.

Removal of Orders

Both the Section 12 order of the Public Order Act, which required participants to adhere to the organized demonstration route, and the Section 60AA power, which mandated the removal of items concealing one’s identity (e.g., masks), have been removed.

However, the Section 60AA order will remain under review for potential re-enactment.

Section 14 Order in Kensington

A Section 14 order banning assembly in an area of Kensington High Street remains in effect.

Protest and Support for Palestine

Thousands of people gathered in central London for a pro-Palestine protest.

Demonstrators marched from Portland Place to Whitehall, displaying placards that read “free Palestine” and draping themselves in the Palestinian flag.

Chants and Police Presence

During the march, chants of “Rishi Sunak, shame on you” and “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” resounded among the crowd.

The Metropolitan Police deployed over 1,000 officers to police the demonstration.

Warnings and Arrests

Protesters were warned in advance that showing support for Hamas, including flying a flag in its support, is considered an offense that can lead to arrest.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Laurence Taylor emphasized that support for proscribed organizations is illegal, and those displaying flags in support of such groups would be arrested.

Protests in Other UK Cities

Similar rallies in support of Palestine were held in Manchester, Edinburgh, and various other parts of the UK.

The protest occurred as Palestinians in northern Gaza began evacuating the area following Israeli military orders in anticipation of a ground invasion.

International Concern and Humanitarian Crisis

The UN, human rights groups, and others have expressed deep concern about the impact of Israeli actions on civilians, as the death toll continues to rise due to airstrikes and a siege on the territory.

The conflict has led to significant displacement and casualties.

UK Government Efforts

As the conflict escalates, the UK Government is making efforts to evacuate British nationals from the region.

An RAF flight transported passengers to Cyprus to ensure their safety amid limited commercial flight availability.

Casualty Figures and Displacement

Reports indicate that at least three Britons have died during the recent hostilities in Israel, with concerns that the number may be higher.

The Palestinian Health Authority reports a significant death toll and displacement resulting from Israeli airstrikes.

Violence in Israel and the West Bank

In Israel, a notable number of casualties have been reported, and there have been fatalities in the West Bank as well.

The situation continues to unfold with grave humanitarian consequences.

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