The turbulent existence of a man with a BEAST tattoo

The turbulent existence of a man with a BEAST tattoo

A wanted man whose elaborate facial tattoos lit up the internet painstakingly studied his permanent tattoo over a long period of time, astonishing images show.

After Jaimes Sutton escaped bail in Deniliquin, close to the NSW-Victorian border, NSW Police posted his mugshot on social media on Wednesday in an effort to find him.

The 24-year-old father, who has the bubble font word “BEAST” tattooed on his forehead, is sought after posting bail on accusations of domestic violence and property damage and is now wanted on an outstanding warrant.

Police filed an apprehended violence order (AVO) against him as a consequence of the domestic violence complaint on behalf of a young lady.

Despite the charges, Australians were more interested with his intricate full-face tattoo.

While many were quick to mock his distinctive appearance, a sequence of images published online between 2014 and 2021 indicate he changed from a baby-faced youngster to a criminal with extensive tattoos relatively gradually.

Sutton’s infant face may be seen in photos taken in 2014, with the exception of a few incomprehensible tattooed scribbles on his neck.

By 2018, his arms, legs, chest, stomach, and face were covered with a variety of black designs and slogans.

On his forehead were the beginnings of BEAST, scribbled across his stomach in big letters. It was “Sutto’s guilty,” and over eight of his fingers was “game over.”

Sutton made the decision to fully commit to a blue tattoo gun three years later.

Denim-blue ink covered much of the flesh on his cheeks and forehead, along with the black marks on his face.

The only parts of his body that remained unaffected were the places within the bubble font on his forehead, the rings around his eyes, and the sections above and close to his jowls.

Additionally, Sutton is not new to the legal system, according to Daily Mail Australia. In rural NSW courts in Wagga Wagga, Leeton, and Deniliquin, he has a criminal history going back to 2014.

Sutton was scheduled to appear before Deniliquin Local Court only two weeks ago on three charges of driving while ineligible and one count of driving while impaired by drugs.

He entered a plea of guilty to all four offenses in June, but since he did not appear for sentencing in September, he was given a year’s license suspension and a $900 fine instead.

He appeared in the same court in June and entered a not guilty plea to two counts of common assault and assault resulting in real bodily injury.

After being upheld, the new AVO against him will be heard at Deniliquin Local Court in March of 2019.

Many people commented on his peculiar look on social media when his mugshot was made public.

When your child manages to get his or her hands on a permanent marker, someone tweeted.

One man wrote: “They should be fired if they can’t locate a bloke looking like him,” according to another.

He’s with Beauty,’ a lady jokingly said. There should be a search of the nearby castles. Because I know she’s sheltering him.

Another person on social media said, “If only they would post some form of description so the public could keep a watch out and help them.”

The former escort Samantha X, a writer and novelist, was also drawn to the police call and playfully enquired as to if he was single.

We all enjoy a terrible man, Goff said when asked whether he was her type.

She reassured Daily Mail Australia, however, that she wasn’t being serious.

He’s absolutely not my type, she said in jest.

“I like blondes.”

»The turbulent existence of a man with a BEAST tattoo«

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