Historical Revelation: Evidence Suggests Princes in the Tower Survived Richard III’s Reign

Historical Revelation: Evidence Suggests Princes in the Tower Survived Richard III’s Reign

Philippa Langley, the amateur historian famed for discovering Richard III’s remains beneath a Leicester car park, has unearthed evidence challenging the prevailing theory about the fate of the Princes in the Tower.

Long believed to have been murdered by their uncle, Richard III, new documents suggest that the young princes may have survived their imprisonment.

The Central Theory Challenge:

For centuries, the accepted narrative held that 12-year-old King Edward V and his nine-year-old brother were murdered by Richard III in 1483 to secure the throne.

However, Langley’s bombshell findings propose a different scenario.

Documents indicate that the princes assumed new identities, with Edward becoming Lambert Simnel and Richard becoming Perkin Warbeck, both known for failed attempts to depose Henry VII.

Key Documents and Witness Statements:

Among the crucial documents presented in the upcoming Channel 4 documentary is a witness statement, believed to be written by Richard.

Dated 1493, it recounts how the brothers were separated in the Tower before two men swore to hide him secretly.

Other documents from Maximilian’s court and Holland further support the claim, including a royal seal and a signature of ‘Richard, Duke of York.’

Philippa Langley’s Findings and Investigation:

Langley, co-presenting the documentary with Robert Rinder, discusses the seven years of research leading to these “startling discoveries.”

The evidence, including a Middle Dutch witness statement, suggests the princes’ escape, involvement in failed invasions, and assumptions of new identities.

Langley collaborated with 300 freelance researchers, uncovering extraordinary finds that could potentially rewrite history.

Comparison with Earlier Theories:

Langley’s recent findings raise questions about her involvement in a 2021 project suggesting Richard III spared Edward, allowing him to live under a false name in a Devon village.

The new evidence challenges the long-standing belief in the murder of the Princes in the Tower, proposing that they may have survived under different identities.

The Princes In The Tower: The New Evidence:

The upcoming Channel 4 documentary promises an in-depth exploration of Langley’s revelations and the potential impact on historical narratives.

Langley emphasizes the significance of these finds, expressing the potential to reshape our understanding of the fate of the Princes in the Tower.


Philippa Langley’s groundbreaking discoveries add a layer of complexity to the historical narrative surrounding the Princes in the Tower.

As the documentary airs, historians and enthusiasts alike await the implications of this new evidence on the longstanding mystery and the broader context of medieval English history.

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