Teacher’s Terrifying Ordeal Sparks Concern for Club Safety

Chrissy Childerley’s Nightmarish Experience

Chrissy Childerley, a 31-year-old teacher, faced a horrifying incident at a club in Cambridge, leaving her with a strong call for improved ID checks at such establishments.

She recalls nothing of the night when she believes she was spiked by injection.

Two men engaged her in conversation, with one bumping into her while the other pretended to be drunk. Fortunately, her partner’s timely return likely thwarted potential harm.

Lack of CCTV Evidence and Delayed Reporting

Despite the incident occurring at a club named Vinyl in Cambridge, the police couldn’t identify the culprits from CCTV footage due to a “blind spot.”

Furthermore, the delay in reporting the incident, as Chrissy was unwell and caring for her son, hindered investigations. She later discovered a puncture wound and bruises on her leg.

A Growing Problem: The Spiking Epidemic

Chrissy’s case sheds light on the spiking epidemic prevalent in the UK.

Substances are introduced into drinks, food, and even vapes, endangering unsuspecting victims and making them vulnerable to abduction and sexual assault.

Chrissy’s Evening Unraveled

Chrissy, a primary school assistant, had been out in the city with her partner, Tom Knell, and his mother. After visiting a bar, they headed to Vinyl, where the incident occurred.

She recalls two men approaching her and asking to sit at her table. While one distracted her, the other bumped into her.

She believes that was the moment of the injection. The men left temporarily, but her partner’s return forced them to disappear.

A Frightening Awakening

Chrissy’s ordeal continued at home, where she collapsed, vomited black liquid, and had blurred vision. Her memory of the night was hazy, and she struggled with symptoms akin to a severe hangover.

The following day, while showering, she discovered the bruises and a needle puncture mark.

Missed Opportunities and Suspects

Despite the distressing experience, Chrissy didn’t seek immediate medical attention, a decision she now regrets. At the GP’s, she received an emergency Hepatitis B jab and learned that the bruising might have been due to the needle hitting a blood vessel.

The suspects, described by Chrissy as having Eastern European accents, remain at large.

Concerns and Club Safety Measures

Chrissy’s story emphasizes the need for better ID checks at clubs to prevent such incidents.

Clubs like Vinyl claim to prioritize guest safety with stringent searches upon entry, free anti-spiking devices, extensive CCTV coverage, and staff wearing body cameras.

Alarming Statistics

The spiking problem is widespread, with 6,732 spiking offenses reported in the 12 months up to May, nearly 20 a day, according to the National Police Chiefs Council. Needle-spiking alone accounted for one in seven cases.

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