Love Island Star Arabella Chi’s Terrifying Ordeal: Violently Attacked and Robbed in Organized Crime Ambush

Love Island Star Arabella Chi Faces Violent Attack and Robbery in Ibiza

Reality star Arabella Chi, known for her stint on Love Island, experienced a harrowing ordeal as she was violently attacked by thugs who dragged her out of her car after slashing her tires.

The incident occurred as she was returning to the UK from Ibiza with her father, Paul. The attackers, suspected to be part of an organized crime gang, fled with Arabella’s luxury handbag, purse, and passport.

Terrifying Moments: Attack on the Road

Upon leaving the boat, the gang seized the opportunity to strike harder. As Arabella’s panicked father sought help, the assailants forcefully removed her from the vehicle.

Despite the intense situation, reports suggest that Arabella emerged without injury and is now safe at home. According to a source, she screamed and fought back during the attack, expressing absolute terror at the unknown intentions of the assailants.

Potential Targeting: British Number Plate and Remote Car Entry

The police reportedly suggested that Arabella may have been targeted due to her car having a British number plate.

The gang is believed to have used a device to remotely unlock her car, gaining access to the vehicle. During the robbery, Arabella pleaded with the attackers to let her keep her phone.

Support from Footballer Boyfriend Ruben Dias

Arabella’s footballer boyfriend, Ruben Dias, has been providing support to his partner after the traumatic incident.

The couple, who reportedly began their romance in the summer, now navigate through the aftermath of the shocking attack.

This disturbing event follows Arabella’s previous high-profile interactions, including partying with Hollywood stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire in Ibiza earlier this year.

Past Relationships and Fame Journey

Before the terrifying incident in Ibiza, Arabella Chi, who gained fame in 2019 through Love Island, dated Wes Nelson in a year-long relationship in 2021.

The reality star, however, did not find lasting love on the show. The shocking attack adds a distressing chapter to Arabella’s public journey, raising concerns about the safety of public figures in such targeted criminal activities.