Home and Away Dana star Ally Harris teases huge change after terrifying kidnap ordeal

Home and Away Dana star Ally Harris teases huge change after terrifying kidnap ordeal

Home and Away’s Ally Harris Promises Lighter Times for Dana Matheson

Home and Away star Ally Harris has promised a huge change for her character Dana Matheson, revealing that she is heading for lighter times and more comedy.

 Dana Matheson to get a light-hearted shake-up

Harris told Stuff.nz that she is excited to see Dana in different scenarios and to bring more of herself to the role.

She said: “One of the directors compared it to being like a repertory theatre company where, instead of doing different plays and playing different people, it’s like you stay as Hamlet but in different genres.

“It’s really exciting. I came on the show, doing kind of like a crime thing, and now it’s heading to comedy and things like that. And that’s so fun – just to see the same person but in different scenarios.”

 Ally Harris signed a three-year contract with Home and Away

The Perth native revealed she has signed a three-year contract with the soap and hopes to bring herself to Dana as she continues playing the role.

The soap star added: “Anytime I work, I just bring as much of myself to work as I possibly can. I want to be as much like myself as possible, because I’m spending a lot of time in this world.

Obviously, the circumstances are different, and I don’t get to decide what I do – that’s in the script – but that’s wonderful because it’s such a great exercise in self exploration.

“You go, ‘I wouldn’t ever do that, but if I did that, why did I do that? Why would I do that?’ You get to kind of find a different part of yourself that does do that.”


Ally Harris’s promise of lighter times for Dana Matheson is sure to be welcomed by Home and Away fans. The character has been through a lot since her arrival in the Bay, and it will be refreshing to see her in a more light-hearted setting.

It is also exciting to hear that Harris has signed a three-year contract with the soap, as it means that we will get to see more of Dana’s journey.