Sophia Momodu’s Subtle Social Media Posts and Her Dedication to Providing for Her Daughter, Imade

Sophia Momodu’s Subtle Social Media Posts and Her Dedication to Providing for Her Daughter, Imade

Sophia Momodu, known as the mother of Davido’s daughter, Imade, has been vocal on social media about her experiences and priorities as a mother.

Her recent posts and interactions shed light on her determination to provide the best for her daughter, as well as her desire to maintain privacy in the face of public scrutiny.

Prioritizing Imade’s Well-being

Sophia Momodu’s recent Snapchat activity unveiled her commitment to her daughter’s well-being.

In response to a supportive comment from one of her followers, Sapphire, Sophia emphasized the importance of creating a nurturing and loving environment for Imade’s upbringing.

This response underscores her dedication to putting her child’s needs above all else.

Cryptic Insights into Relationship Challenges

However, beneath her dedication to motherhood, Sophia hinted at lingering issues in her relationship with Davido.

In a cryptic reply to Sapphire, she suggested that there had been attempts to mistreat her daughter as a means to send her, Imade’s mother, a message.

This enigmatic comment hints at the complexities of her past relationship with the Nigerian music superstar.

Defying Expectations

Sophia Momodu further solidified her commitment to providing a bright future for Imade by sharing a photo of them together with a red automobile in the background.

Her caption, “Giving my daughter everything they said she wouldn’t have & then some,” reveals her determination to defy expectations and provide her daughter with the best possible life.

The Call for Privacy

In a recent Instagram live video, Sophia Momodu addressed her followers, sternly warning them against inquiring about Davido, Imade’s father.

She expressed a desire to maintain her privacy and shift the focus away from her past relationship with him.

Sophia asserted her independence and a desire to be recognized for her own achievements, rather than being defined solely by her association with the prominent musician.


Sophia Momodu’s journey as a mother is marked by her unwavering commitment to Imade’s well-being and her determination to rise above the challenges in her personal life.

Her call for privacy is a testament to her desire to be recognized in her own right, independent of her past relationship with a public figure.