I’m a professional hacker – these are the subtle signs someone like me has access to your email and social media accounts

Shifting Social Media Landscape: Watch Out for Altered Content

White hat hacker Ash Shatrieh highlights the importance of vigilance in monitoring social media accounts.

Sudden changes in content, including posts in unfamiliar languages or unexpected suggestions, could signal unauthorized access.

Silent Infiltration: Messages Without Notifications Raise Red Flags

Shatrieh warns users to be cautious if messages appear in their accounts without receiving the usual notifications on their phones.

Hackers might divert certain messages through inbox rules, potentially compromising sensitive accounts.

Financial Alert: Small Transactions Could Herald a Larger Threat

Intruders often aim for financial gain, and Shatrieh advises users to scrutinize bank or credit card statements. Even minor, unrecognized charges may serve as a preliminary test by hackers before attempting more substantial transactions.

Trust Betrayed: Unusual Devices in Your Trusted List Signal Trouble

Keeping an eye on the list of “trusted devices” is crucial, says Shatrieh. Unfamiliar devices, particularly from remote locations, could indicate unauthorized access.

Users are urged to investigate such occurrences to identify potential security breaches.

Gmail’s Warning Signal: Yellow Banner Unveils Suspicious Logins

Shatrieh points out a distinctive feature in Gmail—a yellow banner indicating a login from an unfamiliar location.

Users are encouraged to regularly check activity logs provided by services to monitor login timestamps and IP addresses, swiftly taking action against any suspicious activity.

Drastic Measures: Account Suspended, a Red Flag of Malicious Activity

A key warning sign highlighted by Shatrieh is the sudden suspension or termination of accounts.

Users are advised to promptly contact service providers upon receiving notifications of account suspensions or terminations, investigating and resolving potential malicious activities.

Unseen Logout Attempts: Investigating Suspicious Login Activity

Shatrieh emphasizes the need for users to be vigilant if they find themselves logged out unexpectedly. Regularly checking active sessions, trusted devices, and login device lists for anything suspicious is crucial.

If anomalies are detected, immediate action, including changing passwords and ensuring multi-factor authentication, is recommended.

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