Single Mom Influencer Adrielle Zigler Criticized for Seeking Donations While Admitting to High Personal Expenses

Single Mom Influencer Adrielle Zigler Criticized for Seeking Donations While Admitting to High Personal Expenses

Adrielle Zigler, known for her multiple fundraisers to support her children, faces criticism for her spending habits.

Critics are upset with the TikToker for seeking donations while disclosing significant personal expenses. Zigler admitted to spending $17,000 in April alone.

High Living Costs and Public Outcry

Zigler initiated a GoFundMe campaign on May 2, aiming to raise $30,000 to move after her son was reportedly attacked in Jamestown, New York.

She also started a separate fundraiser for her son’s braces. However, her confession of spending $17,000 in one month has led to significant public criticism.

Detailed Breakdown of Zigler’s Expenses

Zigler shared that her April expenses included nearly $5,000 for car repairs, $1,000 for a rental car, $1,600 on summer clothes for her children, $3,000 on groceries, $800 on dining out, and various other costs.

She highlighted the financial burden of being a single mother of three.

Zigler’s Defense of Her Spending

Zigler defended her expenditures, stating that she dedicates her time to social media to ensure her children have more than just the basics.

She believes her generosity and investment in her children’s happiness are vital.

Scrutiny Over Fundraising and Income

Some viewers questioned the necessity of Zigler’s fundraisers, considering her potential earnings from social media.

Her GoFundMe campaign sought $30,000 for relocation expenses after her son’s alleged attack by classmates.

Allegations of Her Son’s Attack

Zigler claimed her son was assaulted and robbed by a group of students who threatened further violence if he reported the incident.

She filed a police report, resulting in the suspension of the involved students. However, her son was also suspended after an investigation suggested he participated in an organized fight, which Zigler disputes.

Community Reactions and Media Coverage

Local news reported that Jamestown police charged seven individuals involved in the assault.

Critics have condemned Zigler for her apparent lavish lifestyle while asking for public donations.

Transparency and Accountability

In recent TikTok videos, Zigler claimed she secured a new home and paid the lease in advance.

She also posted about giving away household items instead of selling them, prompting further scrutiny from her followers.

Mixed Reactions from the Public

While some viewers express support for Zigler, others accuse her of misusing donations and exploiting her son’s fight for financial gain.

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