Emotional Twist as Single Mom Proposes to Boyfriend of 10 Years with Kids’ Help, But Receives Surprising Response


In an unusual turn of events, a single mother, who has been in a relationship with her partner Chris for a decade, attempted to propose to him with the assistance of her three children.

However, the heartwarming proposal took an unexpected twist, leaving the family in a state of surprise.

Family Collaboration:

The mother decided to incorporate her three children into the proposal, creating a touching scene at a family birthday party.

Both the man, Chris, and the woman were adorned in matching shirts with “King” and “Queen” inscriptions, respectively.

The children, when standing together, showcased a message on their shirts that read, “Uncle Chris, A.K.A Dad will you marry mummy?”
Chris’s Unexpected Reaction:

Despite the thoughtful setup, Chris did not appear pleased with the proposal. His reaction included shaking his head, looking away, and scratching his head, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the celebratory moment.

Emotional Speech and Unanswered Proposal:

Undeterred by Chris’s initial response, the woman proceeded to express her feelings toward him, highlighting their ten-year journey and the child they share.

Holding a ring in her hand, she concluded her speech with a heartfelt inquiry about spending the rest of their lives together.

Chris’s Delayed Response:

Chris, however, did not provide a definitive answer. Instead, he invoked cultural norms, stating, “As an African man, I have to do it the proper way.”

Despite encouragement from guests to seal the moment with a kiss, Chris hesitated, citing reasons that left the proposal hanging in suspense.

Unresolved Tension:

The video concluded without a clear response from Chris, leaving viewers and guests in suspense. The unresolved tension in the air added an unexpected layer to what was meant to be a joyous family celebration.

Watch the Video:
For a firsthand look at this emotional family moment and the surprising turn of events, watch the video here.

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