New Theory Suggests Timmothy Pitzen, Missing Since 2011, Might Be Hidden in a Mormon Community

New Theory Suggests Timmothy Pitzen, Missing Since 2011, Might Be Hidden in a Mormon Community

Timmothy Pitzen, last seen with his mother, Amy Fry-Pitzen, on May 12, 2011 was hidden before his mother committed suicide.

She had taken him from school the day before, claiming a family emergency, and was later found dead on May 14.

A suicide note left by Amy stated that Timmothy was safe but hidden, sparking a mystery that continues to this day.

A New Theory Emerges

Timmothy Pitzen’s grandmother now believes he might be living in a secluded Mormon commune, unaware of his true identity.

This theory suggests he could be completely isolated from the outside world, with no access to information that might reveal who he really is.

The Mysterious Disappearance

On May 11, 2011, Timmothy was dropped off at Greenman Elementary School in Aurora, Illinois, by his father.

His mother, Amy Fry-Pitzen, soon arrived, claiming she needed to take him home for a family emergency.

She then took Timmothy on a three-day trip, visiting various attractions, before being found dead in a motel room on May 14.

The Suicide Note

Amy’s suicide note assured that Timmothy was safe and being well cared for, but ominously added, “You’ll never find him.”

This note has left his father, Jim Pitzen, and his grandmother, Linda Pitzen, in a relentless search for Timmothy, with no substantial leads for over a decade.

Investigations and Theories

Timmothy’s friend, Hannah Soukup, has conducted her own research into his disappearance.

She believes he could be in a remote Mormon commune without internet access, ensuring he would remain unaware of his past.

Linda Pitzen, Timmothy’s grandmother, concurs with this theory, suggesting Amy wanted him to be raised in the Mormon faith.

Last Known Sightings

The last known images of Timmothy and Amy were captured on CCTV as they checked out of the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells on May 12.

The following day, Amy was seen alone in a supermarket near Rockford, buying items used to write her suicide note.

The Final Days

Amy made several calls to family members on May 12, assuring them that Timmothy was safe.

She also spoke to her mother, insisting everything was fine and she just needed some time alone with her son.

Tragically, Amy was found dead in her motel room on May 14, having taken her own life.

The Search Continues

Following Amy’s death, police launched a multi-state investigation, but no definitive leads were found.

At one point, a significant amount of blood was discovered in Amy’s car, but it was later determined to be from a nosebleed Timmothy had suffered months earlier.

Hopes and Setbacks

In 2014, a potential lead surfaced when a woman in northern Illinois reported seeing a boy matching Timmothy’s description.

However, this lead, like many others, did not yield any substantial results.

Theories Persist

Despite the extensive search efforts and numerous theories, Timmothy Pitzen’s whereabouts remain unknown.

The theory that he is living in a Mormon commune provides a glimmer of hope, suggesting he might still be alive and well, albeit unaware of his true identity.

The search for answers continues, driven by the unwavering hope of his family and friends.

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