Shylah Rodden’s homage to father Alan Rodden

Shylah Rodden’s homage to father Alan Rodden

Just days before the horrifying accident, the woman who was horribly hurt when she was crushed by a roller coaster sent a heartfelt online homage to her father.

After the tragic occurrence on the Rebel Coaster ride in Melbourne 11 days ago, Shylah Rodden, 26, is still in critical condition. It is believed that she ran into the rails to get her phone.

She was reportedly lifted nine meters in the air before crashing to the ground with terrible injuries, according to witnesses.

Her father Alan Rodden has rarely left her side since then as she battles for her life at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Three weeks before the fatal accident, Ms. Rodden praised her father’s love in a heartfelt Father’s Day message on Facebook.

She shared a photo of her family dining out together on September 4 and said, “Happy Father’s Day to the most important guy in the world!”

“I want to thank you for putting up with my s*** around-the-clock and for supporting me no matter what happens in life.

“I love you dad, forever and a day.”

Love hearts and encouraging remarks poured in in response to Ms. Rodden’s tender post from friends and family.

One person commented, “Oh Shy, that was really amazing words…love you, your dad, and your sisters.”

Since the accident, her father has been Ms. Rodden’s pillar of support, providing emotional assistance while she recovers in the hospital and managing media questions and legal matters with ease.

Prior to the catastrophe last month, Ms. Rodden was engaged in a string of automobile accidents in 2018, 2019, and 2021.

The County Court of Victoria has now received a legal complaint from Ms. Rodden’s family over injuries she incurred in one of the incidents in January 2018.

And because of the most recent disaster, her family is now thinking about suing the rollercoaster operators.

According to Daily Mail Australia, Lalor resident Anthony Bright has been named as a defendant in the civil lawsuit arising from the tragedy in 2018.

Ms. Rodden’s family sought reparations for the injuries she sustained in a transport accident as a consequence of “Mr. Bright’s carelessness, on or around January 29 that year,” in a writ filed to preserve her rights from the 2018 occurrence.

In 2015, Mr. Bright and Ms. Rodden were photographed together and shared the images on social media.

The fact that Mr. Bright is named as a defendant in the legal proceedings is all Daily Mail Australia is saying—it is not implying that he has done anything wrong.

Aki Munir, the practice manager at Arnold Thomas and Becker, said on Friday that Ms. Rodden’s severe injuries were caused by the “negligence of the defendant.”

According to Ms Munir, “It (the lawsuit) concerns a transport accident, and she suffered very serious injuries in that event.”

“To secure her entitlements, should something happen to her, the petition has been filed.”

Additionally, Ms. Munir said that Ms. Rodden’s family may file a lawsuit for negligence against the Melbourne Royal Show and the Rebel Coaster ride’s operators.

Ms. Rodden had been working at a friend’s booth at the expo on the day she was hit by the rollercoaster.

The two decided to take a few rides to pass the time while they were on a vacation.

Police suspect Ms. Rodden climbed onto the rollercoaster’s rails to collect her phone after it was reportedly dropped while she was riding it.

At the time, her father informed Daily Mail Australia that his daughter had sustained injuries that would change her life.

I am unable to speak to my daughter. She would likely remain unconscious for some time, he said.

The wounds are horrifying. Horrific. She has a brain injury. Its pelvis, her arms, legs, back, and neck are all damaged. Almost everything is broken.

“I simply don’t understand how the devil such harm was done,” said the speaker. Even the physicians have admitted that they haven’t seen something this horrible in a while.

After she was engaged in a horrific collision in January 2021 on Melbourne’s Western Ring Road, flipping a vehicle after smashing into a truck and a car, Ms. Rodden had to relearn how to walk.

She was thrown from the automobile into the road because she was not buckled in.

The young woman managed to survive the collision but had extensive therapy to get up again. With her parents’ encouragement, she was able to do so.

Her challenging road to rehabilitation began in 2019, after yet another tragic auto accident.

According to a representative for the Melbourne Royal Show, “the safety and well-being of our show goers continues to be our number one concern.”

WorkSafe, a safety watchdog, is investigating if the assertion is accurate.

Days after the horrifying occurrence, the rollercoaster that injured her reopened.

The show’s management chose not to comment on whether or not additional safety measures had been implemented as a result.

»Shylah Rodden’s homage to father Alan Rodden«

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