Putin Suggests Prigozhin’s Plane Crash Resulted from Grenade Explosion

Putin Suggests Prigozhin’s Plane Crash Resulted from Grenade Explosion

Putin’s Explosive Theory

Russian President Vladimir Putin has put forward a surprising theory regarding the tragic plane crash of Yevgeny Prigozhin, his adversary and leader of the Wagner paramilitary group.

Putin suggested that the plane’s demise may have been the result of an accidental hand grenade explosion, while Prigozhin and his associates were allegedly under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Prigozhin’s Fatal Flight

The incident occurred when Yevgeny Prigozhin, who had recently led a rebellion against the Kremlin, was traveling by private jet from Moscow to St. Petersburg on August 23rd.

The executive Embraer jet suddenly burst into flames mid-flight, leading to a catastrophic crash that claimed the lives of Prigozhin, his bodyguards, and other Wagner commanders.

Speculation and Accusations

Following the crash, accusations were swiftly directed at President Putin, given the escalating tensions between him and Prigozhin, particularly concerning the conflict in Ukraine.

Western intelligence officials also suspected an internal cause for the plane’s explosion. However, up until this point, only President Putin himself has suggested the possibility of an accidental grenade detonation as the cause.

Prigozhin’s Challenge to Putin’s Rule

Prigozhin’s rebellion in June represented a significant challenge to Putin’s longstanding rule, marking a rare and serious threat to his authority.

Initially, Putin’s response was seemingly mild, as he expelled Prigozhin to neighboring Belarus. However, events would take a more ominous turn two months later.

Putin’s Revelation in Sochi

Speaking from the Black Sea resort of Sochi, Putin stated, ‘Fragments of hand grenades were found in the bodies of those killed in the crash.

There was no external impact on the plane – this is already an established fact.’

He raised concerns about the lack of alcohol and drug tests conducted on the crash victims, alluding to the discovery of cocaine in Prigozhin’s private mansion in St. Petersburg earlier in the year.

Unresolved Questions

The mystery surrounding the plane crash and Putin’s unexpected revelation continue to raise questions about the circumstances of Prigozhin’s death and the turbulent relationship between the Wagner chief and the Russian President.

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