Samklef Leaks Exchange with Davido: Revealing the Rude Message

Samklef Exposes Rude Exchange with Davido Over Twin’s Video

Unveiling the Chat:

Music executive Samklef has taken to the public domain to reveal a chat exchange with popular singer Davido.

This move is an attempt to prove that Davido was unnecessarily rude to him after he posted a video of Davido’s twins.

Background of the Dispute:

The rift between the two started when Davido lashed out at Samklef for sharing a video of Davido’s twins and wife leaving the hospital.

Samklef was upset about being treated unfairly, as he was not the only one to post this video.

The Leaked Chat:

In a recent Instagram post, Samklef shared a screenshot of the messages he received from Davido on the day he posted the video.

The messages revealed Davido’s insistent demands that Samklef immediately delete the video.

Samklef’s Perspective:

In response to the chat exchange, Samklef posted a message, saying, “Owe be owe said he won’t forgive me!”

He went on to explain that he had posted a congratulatory message for Davido on the birth of his twins as a genuine expression of joy.

However, Davido’s response was far from pleasant, surprising Samklef with the singer’s rudeness and outrage.

Choosing Respect and Calmness:

Samklef emphasized that, despite the negativity, he opted to remain calm and respectful.

He acknowledged that he could have deleted the post to avoid further interaction but decided to discuss the incident and more on his podcast, the Samklef Table.

He expressed the importance of maintaining respect and civility even in the face of negativity.

Promoting Open Dialogue:

In the post, Samklef emphasized the significance of highlighting how respect can be upheld in various situations.

He encouraged his audience to stay tuned and continue engaging in conversations.

This incident brings attention to the challenges of maintaining respectful communication in the digital age, even among public figures.

Samklef’s decision to share the exchange opens up a dialogue about online etiquette and the handling of disagreements in the public eye.

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