Davido Unfollows Samklef and Slams Him for Sharing Family Video

Davido’s Outburst Over Family Video

Popular Nigerian singer Davido has taken to social media to express his displeasure with fellow artist Samklef for sharing a video featuring his wife, Chioma, and their twins.

The video, which captured the couple leaving a hospital with their twins, had gained significant attention on social media.

Viral Video Sparks Davido’s Reaction

The video in question quickly went viral after being posted on Instagram, showcasing the joyous moment of Davido and Chioma as they left the hospital with their newborn twins.

In the background of the video, a voice believed to be Davido’s father, Deji Adeleke, could be heard.

Davido’s Strong Response

Davido responded to the video shared by Samklef with a comment urging the artist to remove the post.

In his comment, Davido referred to Samklef as a ‘wicked person’ for making the video public.

Additionally, the singer allegedly made a vow to take action against Samklef for exposing his family.

Davido’s Direct Comments

Davido’s comments on the post were notably strong. In one of his reactions, he exclaimed, “WTF,” indicating his frustration with the situation.

In another comment, he asserted that Samklef should have refrained from posting the video, labeling him a “clout chaser.”

A Grieving Father’s Reaction

It is essential to note that Davido had experienced a personal tragedy in November 2022 when he lost his son, Ifeanyi Adeleke, who tragically drowned in a pool at his residence in Lagos’ Banana Island area.