Kiwi Reporter’s Afrikaans Comeback: A Lighthearted Encounter with Springbok Fans

Kiwi Reporter’s Multilingual Stand Against Rowdy Springbok Fans

Encounter at the Rugby World Cup Final:

During the aftermath of the Rugby World Cup final in Paris, a New Zealand reporter found herself in an unexpected encounter with exuberant Springbok fans.

Chereé Kinnear was attempting to record a segment for the New Zealand Herald when she was interrupted by spirited South African supporters.

Kiwi with Multilingual Roots:

In a Tik Tok post, Kinnear identifies herself as “South African born, NZ raised but grew up speaking Afrikaans at home,” highlighting her unique background.

Multilingual Response:

As the Springbok fans playfully taunted her, it’s unclear what they said, but Kinnear swiftly responded in Afrikaans, catching them by surprise.

She confidently declared, “Ek kan jou verstaan” (I can understand you), sending a clear message that their banter didn’t go unnoticed.

She added, “I was waiting for that. Don’t speak sh*t to me, I can understand Afrikaans,” with a touch of humor.

The Hilarious Moment:

The exchange was captured on video, shared on her Tik Tok account, and has since garnered attention for Kinnear’s multilingual prowess and quick response.

Springbok Fans Celebrate Championship:

While Kinnear’s multilingual exchange provided a light-hearted moment, Springbok fans in South Africa have something significant to celebrate.

The World Champion Springboks are embarking on a four-day Trophy Tour, visiting major regional population centers.

This tour serves as a celebration of their Rugby World Cup victory, and it includes various locations, reflecting the team’s significance in South African rugby.

Kinnear’s Multilingual Stand:

Kinnear’s multilingual response to the Springbok fans adds an amusing twist to her reporting experience.

It’s a reminder that language can bridge cultures and create unexpected connections, even in the midst of spirited rivalry.

Celebrating Springbok Success:

The Springbok Trophy Tour is an exciting moment for South African rugby fans, offering an opportunity to celebrate their championship win on home soil.

The tour will include various cities, allowing fans to share in the joy of their team’s success.

Chereé Kinnear’s multilingual response serves as a lighthearted example of how language can unite people, even in moments of rivalry.

Her quick wit and understanding of Afrikaans made for an unexpected and entertaining exchange during the Rugby World Cup aftermath.