GOP Committee Mulls Contempt Charges as Final Hearing on Southern Border Catastrophe Proceeds Without Secretary’s Testimony

Impeachment Showdown: Mayorkas Absent from Second Hearing on Southern Border Handling

In a high-stakes clash between the GOP and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the second and final impeachment hearing into Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ management of the southern border crisis is underway, taking place on Thursday.

The absence of Mayorkas has intensified the dispute, prompting Top Republican Mark Green to contemplate contempt of Congress charges against the secretary.

Testimony Tussle: Mayorkas Refuses Public Testimony, GOP Threatens Contempt

Despite multiple requests by the House committee, Secretary Mayorkas has declined to testify publicly, leading to mounting tensions between the GOP and DHS.

Republican Mark Green alleges that over the last six months, the DHS has rebuffed the committee’s requests for Mayorkas to appear.

The prospect of a contempt of Congress charge is now looming over the proceedings.

Subpoenas and Accusations: GOP Committee’s Demands and DHS Counterarguments

The committee had previously subpoenaed Mayorkas for documents related to Afghan vetting, but not for testimony. The GOP alleges a pattern of delay and lack of good faith by DHS.

In response, DHS spokesperson Mia Ehrenberg accuses the GOP of engaging in a ‘sham’ impeachment process.

Despite offering Mayorkas for testimony, a scheduling conflict regarding a Mexican delegation engagement on January 18 has further fueled the dispute.

Last Chance for Testimony: GOP Reverses Course, Demands Written Testimony

As the final hearing approaches, Republicans have reversed course, demanding in a Wednesday letter that Mayorkas provide at least written testimony, deeming it his ‘last chance.’

The DHS spokesperson contends that since Mayorkas’ offer to testify publicly, the committee has failed to respond, portraying their actions as part of a predetermined and unconstitutional rush to impeach.

Impeachment Prospects: Potential Historic Impeachment of Mayorkas

If Republicans succeed in impeaching Mayorkas, he would be the first Cabinet official to face such consequences in nearly 150 years.

Achieving this would require near-total Republican unanimity given their narrow majority. The final hearing includes testimonies from Arizona Sheriff Mark Dannels and Tammy Nobels, adding gravity to the ongoing impeachment drama.

Border Crisis Unfolding: Record High Crossings and Implications for Mayorkas

The final impeachment hearing unfolds against the backdrop of a soaring southern border crisis.

Border crossings have reached a record high, surpassing 2.4 million in fiscal year 2023.

Mayorkas faces intense scrutiny for the negative effects of fentanyl and the surge in crime attributed to illegal border crossings. The looming threat of impeachment adds a layer of complexity to an already critical issue.

Ongoing Negotiations: White House and Senate Navigate Immigration and Foreign Aid Deal

Simultaneously, the White House and Senate negotiators are grappling with salvaging a comprehensive immigration and foreign aid deal.

House Republicans remain skeptical of Senate-led negotiations, emphasizing their commitment to the hardliner border bill passed in the House last year.

Speaker Mike Johnson’s skepticism casts a shadow over potential deals brokered by the Senate.

Historical Investigations: House Homeland Security Committee’s Prolonged Scrutiny of Mayorkas

The House Homeland Security Committee, led by Chairman Mark Green, has conducted exhaustive investigations into Mayorkas, compiling a comprehensive report highlighting his ‘dereliction of duty.’

The committee’s deliberations have led to a referral of impeachment articles, setting the stage for a continuing impeachment process against Mayorkas.

Conclusion: Mayorkas’ Fate Hangs in the Balance Amidst Impeachment Drama

In conclusion, the second and final impeachment hearing without Mayorkas’ testimony intensifies the uncertainty surrounding the Secretary’s fate.

As the GOP contemplates contempt charges, the historic prospect of Mayorkas becoming the first impeached Cabinet official in centuries adds gravity to the unfolding drama.

The border crisis, ongoing negotiations, and historical investigations converge, creating a complex political landscape with significant implications for Mayorkas and the Biden administration’s immigration policies.

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