High-Stakes Showdown: GOP’s Ultimatum to Hunter Biden for Deposition or Face Contempt Charges Moments Before Critical Impeachment Move

Drama Unfolds: Hunter Biden’s Impeachment Probe

In the Hot Seat:
The GOP is on edge, threatening to hold Hunter Biden in contempt if he skips his scheduled impeachment probe deposition on Wednesday at 9:30 am.

The anticipation surrounding whether Biden will attend the closed-door interview in the Republican-led inquiry into his father’s foreign business dealings has Washington buzzing.

The Hunter Showdown:
Amid tax evasion charges totaling $1.4 million, Hunter’s lawyers are pushing for a public testimony, but Republicans remain steadfast in their demand for a private deposition.

Speculation swirls as Hunter reportedly arrives in D.C., leaving Capitol Hill wondering if he’ll appear.

Threats and Demands:
Republican congressmen Comer and Jordan issued a subpoena, declaring that Hunter Biden has “no choice” but to show up.

The heat intensifies as they warn of initiating contempt proceedings if he fails to appear.

The Battle of Closed Doors:
Hunter’s lawyer insists on an open deposition, citing Republicans’ penchant for distorting facts in closed sessions.

As the showdown looms, Republicans inch closer to authorizing a full impeachment investigation into Joe Biden’s involvement.


This political drama unfolds as Hunter Biden’s deposition hangs in the balance.

The GOP’s demand for a closed-door interview clashes with Biden’s push for public testimony, creating an electrifying standoff in the heart of Capitol Hill.

The GOP’s Tightrope Walk:

Republicans navigate a delicate balance in authorizing an impeachment inquiry into President Biden while strategically avoiding a definitive vote on impeachment.

With a mix of cautious optimism and calculated strategy, they tread carefully through these politically treacherous waters.

The Hunter Factor:

Hunter Biden’s tax evasion charges and the looming deposition add a layer of intrigue to this political spectacle.

His absence or presence could tip the scales in this high-stakes political chess match, impacting the trajectory of the entire investigation.

The Search for Proof:

Republicans are in pursuit of substantial evidence linking Joe Biden to family business deals.

The outcome of this investigation hinges on the compelling evidence they can gather, influencing key decision-makers in the House.


As the clock ticks toward Hunter Biden’s deposition and the impending authorization vote, the Capitol braces for a pivotal moment that could sway the course of this high-profile impeachment investigation.

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