Can Harry & Meghan Mend Fences? Queen’s “Lilibet Fury” Raises Doubts as Charles Navigates a Tumultuous Dynasty

Row Over Lilibet’s Name: Don’t Put Words in the Queen’s Mouth, Says Royal Author

New Revelations on Queen’s Fury:

The controversy surrounding Harry and Meghan’s choice of “Lilibet” for their daughter’s name continues to simmer.

In a recent episode of the Daily Mail’s YouTube talk show “The Reaction,” esteemed royal author Robert Hardman sheds light on new details surrounding the Queen’s private reaction and offers insight into the delicate dynamics at play.

Furious Queen, Legal Wranglings:

Hardman, drawing from exclusive excerpts from his book “Charles III: New King. New Court. The Inside Story,” reveals the Queen’s “as angry as I’d ever seen her” response to the Sussexes’ claim of her “supportive” stance on the name.

This contradicts the couple’s public narrative and fuels public speculation.

Don’t Play Queen Whisperer:

Hardman emphasizes the importance of respecting the Queen’s agency and not attributing words to her without consent.

He cautions against “putting words in the mouth of the Queen,” highlighting the complex interplay between public statements and private realities.

Middle Name Alternative?:

Columnist Sarah Vine questions the couple’s choice of “Lilibet” given their decision to step back from the Royal Family.

She suggests using it as a middle name instead, minimizing potential appropriation and demonstrating respect for the Queen’s legacy.

King Charles: Steady Hand Amidst Storms:

In contrast to the Sussexes’ drama, Hardman praises King Charles’ “sure-footed” handling of challenges so far.

He credits the King’s rock-solid presence for fostering a stable and controversy-free start to his reign.

Beyond Lilibet: Hot Topics Discussed:

“The Reaction” delves deeper than the royal saga, tackling other political and social issues.

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