Renewables-based economy necessitates significant financial innovation

Renewables-based economy necessitates significant financial innovation

Finding ways to help Africa move to a more sustainable energy mix would necessitate a lot of green technology innovation. However, it is sometimes forgotten that moving to a renewables-based economy will necessitate significant financial innovation.

It will take new financial alliances and an understanding of the options available to power producers to raise the capital necessary to fund renewable energy projects, such as those authorised under South Africa’s ambitious Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (IPPPP).

The relationship between the JSE, Africa’s largest stock exchange, and the upcoming Green Energy Africa Summit (GEAS), which will take place in Cape Town later this year, has been an exciting development in this context.

Governments, national regulators, utility companies, independent power producers, investors, financial institutions, and service providers will all be represented by GEAS, which will facilitate business transactions and investment in new energy projects.

The summit aims to set the groundwork for the continent’s greater, more sustainable access to energy and energy-related solutions.

Emerging energy entrepreneurs will now have access to guidance and hands-on assistance on how to secure funding for their initiatives or how to organise financing so they may continue to raise money as their ventures advance thanks to the JSE’s role as a significant partner for the summit.

JSE Private Placements (JPP), a financial services provider oriented on promoting innovation and growth in the financing of private capital through both stock and debt, was recently launched by the JSE.

Through an automated and digital platform that links private businesses and issuers to investors directly, JPP provides services to private entities wanting to raise debt or equity.

This facilitates private capital formation in a way that is transparent, effective, and accessible.

Investors can access a variety of potential offers that fit their investment requirements and trace the history of prior placements and deals, giving this rapidly expanding market area the much-needed visibility it requires.

According to JSE Group CEO Leila Fourie, “With JPP, we are developing a future-ready capital market that enables a seamless digital platform that links private debt and equity issuers with investors, including venture capital funders.”

Businesses, many of them in South Africa, have the chance to design and organise projects that are truly bankable and more likely to succeed right away thanks to the GEAS-JSE cooperation.

Driving investment into South Africa is still a crucial and essential objective, according to Valdene Reddy, director of capital markets at the JSE.

“As the JSE, we continue to reinforce the posture of SA as an attractive investment destination by offering distinctive capital-raising possibilities to both domestic and foreign investors on our market,” says the JSE.

Developers in the energy business have a practical option thanks to the JPP platform.

Additionally, it pledges to change the continent’s energy security by offering financial solutions that can promote energy independence.

When energy companies are able to create their own agreements with the JSE and its platforms, they are also more likely to establish themselves as ethically and morally responsible organisations, which may help them draw in new partners.

Paul Sinclair, vice president, energy at GEAS, adds, “Hats off to the JSE for developing true solutions focused toward the growth of energy projects in Africa.”

“All developers seeking funding are invited to GEAS, where they can connect with JSE staff and discover how to take advantage of platforms like JPP.

According to Sinclair, “The JSE are developing as a knight in shining armour for budding project developers.”

The process that their new private placements service puts firms through helps them become bankable so they can really acquire financing.

With the goal of accelerating Africa’s energy transition, GEAS will bring together investors and developers who are just starting out in the green energy space.

Beginning energy entrepreneurs have great possibilities to learn about the ins and outs of raising investment capital as well as the legal requirements for listing on domestic and foreign markets thanks to the JSE cooperation.


»Renewables-based economy necessitates significant financial innovation«

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