Expression of Princess of Wales while being searched by prison guard as she visit HMO Down.

Kate Middleton’s Visit to HMP High Down

Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, brought smiles and compassion during her visit to HMP High Down, a male prison in Surrey. Despite a finger injury sustained during trampolining, she engaged with the prison community, showcasing her support for addiction recovery programs and initiatives.

A Cheerful Royal Visit

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, displayed a mischievous grin during her royal visit to HMP High Down in Surrey. Accompanied by a drug detection dog named Penny and a prison guard, she underwent security checks as she entered the facility. Despite a minor injury to her finger, she warmly greeted staff and parents of former offenders.

The Purpose of the Visit

Kate’s visit to HMP High Down was to support addiction recovery efforts within the criminal justice system. As a patron of the addiction charity the Forward Trust, she explored how the prison helps individuals with addiction issues. During her visit, Kate observed the response of the drug detection dog, Penny, and appreciated the controlled atmosphere.

A Tour of the Prison

The Category C prison, which welcomes approximately 2,000 visitors every month, provided Kate with insights into the security procedures and their impact on families visiting inmates. She interacted with serving prisoners who are receiving addiction support within the prison.

Compliments for The Clink Restaurant

One highlight of Kate’s visit was The Clink, an award-winning restaurant within the prison that trains inmates in hospitality. She complimented the staff on the food and met with families involved with the Forward Trust, discussing their experiences and support.

Personal Touch with a Necklace

Kate paid tribute to her children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, by wearing a personalized necklace engraved with their initials. The necklace, named the ‘Personalized Gold Midnight Moon Necklace’ by Daniella Draper, reflects her close connection to her family.

The Message of Addiction Awareness Week

Kate’s visit to HMP High Down aligned with the theme of Addiction Awareness Week, ‘Everybody Knows Somebody,’ which aims to shed light on the wide-reaching impact of addiction in society. She engaged with prisoners, learning about their experiences and the support they receive from the Forward Trust.

A Decade of Commitment

Kate’s extensive involvement with addiction charities for over a decade has deepened her understanding of mental health complexities and early childhood experiences’ lasting impact on adulthood. The Forward Trust, which she became patron of in June 2021, merged with Action on Addiction, one of her first patronages in 2012.

The Clink Restaurant and Rehabilitation

HMP High Down is home to The Clink, a public restaurant run by prisoners in partnership with The Clink Charity. Prisoners receive training in cooking, food service, and cleaning while working at the restaurant. They also benefit from mentoring upon release, including support for employment and accommodation.

The Mission of The Forward Trust

The Forward Trust operates in 25 UK prisons, assisting individuals with a range of challenges, including substance misuse, mental health issues, employment, and housing. The charity also emphasizes strengthening relationships with friends and family, helping clients rebuild their lives after incarceration.

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