OnlyFans model Mikaela Testa reveals being strip-searched while detained by US authorities

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Influencer Mikaela Testa, who rose to fame as an OnlyFans model, has shared an emotional video on her TikTok account detailing her traumatic experience while being held by US authorities for two days.

Mikaela revealed that she was strip-searched and forced to take everything off while being detained in a room that reminded her of a “war movie,” where she had only a box of tampons, a kettle, and cups of instant noodles.

Mikaela said her US visa had been revoked
Mikaela said her US visa had been revoked

She felt like a prisoner while in detention and said that she is still not over the incident.

Mikaela said that she was held by the US government due to an issue with her visa, which was later revoked.

She realized she would likely be sent back to Australia and would not be able to see American boys, something she had enjoyed in the past.

She added that the US Customs official who interrogated her was kind to her, and she fell in love with him.

Mikaela claimed she 'fell in love' with the US customs official that questioned her
Mikaela claimed she ‘fell in love’ with the US customs official that questioned her

She even described having Stockholm Syndrome and waiting for him to come into the room to talk to her.


Mikaela gave a detailed account of the detention room at Los Angeles airport, describing it as a place that made her feel like a prisoner.

She claimed that she was asked personal questions about her past, which added to her trauma.

After the lengthy interrogation, she was put on a plane back to Australia, an hour after finding out she was being deported.

She said she felt sad that she wouldn't be able to meet any American men
She said she felt sad that she wouldn’t be able to meet any American men

She said that the whole experience was deeply traumatic, and she feels the need to talk to someone about it.

This story raises concerns about the treatment of detainees by US authorities and highlights the mental health implications of detention, including the possibility of developing Stockholm Syndrome.

It also raises the question of the impact of social media fame on people’s lives and the effect of deportation on mental health.

It is essential to address these issues and provide support to individuals who have undergone similar experiences.

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