Sarah Ferguson pays tribute to the victims of 9/11.

Sarah Ferguson’s Near Miss on 9/11

Sarah Ferguson, also known as the Duchess of York, has disclosed that she narrowly avoided being in the Twin Towers during the tragic terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. At that time, the royal, aged 36, had an office on the 101st floor of the North Tower, where she worked for her charity, Chances for Children. In her office was a small rag doll, the mascot for her charity, which became significant in her 9/11 story.

Missed Appointment on That Fateful Day

Sarah Ferguson had been on her way to the World Trade Centre that day but found herself behind schedule due to an interview running late. This delay ultimately spared her from being inside the building when the attacks occurred. She recently took to Instagram Stories to share this personal account and pay tribute to the lives lost during the tragic event.

Remembering the Little Red Doll

In her Instagram Stories, Sarah shared an image of firefighters amidst the rubble of the Twin Towers, where a small doll, known as the Little Red Doll, can be seen. This doll was the mascot for her charity, Chances for Children. Sarah recounted how her charity’s office had been located in the World Trade Centre North Tower and expressed that she was meant to be there on that fateful morning 22 years ago. She reflected on the lives lost and the impact of the tragedy.

The Symbolic Doll

The Little Red Doll, found in the rubble of the Twin Towers by photographers after the buildings’ collapse, was initially mistaken for a child’s doll. Sarah clarified its significance to her charity and its role as a symbol for Chances for Children. This original mascot now resides in the 9/11 memorial exhibit on Ground Zero.

Sarah Ferguson’s Perspective on Life

Having narrowly missed being caught up in the 9/11 attacks, Sarah Ferguson has spoken in the past about how it has given her a profound appreciation for life. She emphasized the importance of living in the present moment and cherishing each minute as a blessing, as she recognizes the fragility of life.

The Unsuccessful Book Project

Sarah Ferguson’s connection to the 9/11 tragedy extended to her creative endeavors. A decade after the attack, she pitched an idea for a children’s book titled “The Little Pear Tree,” inspired by a tree near the Twin Towers that survived the attack and became a symbol of hope. However, publishers rejected the idea, fearing it might be considered offensive by Americans. Despite this setback, Sarah has continued to write a series of books based on the Little Red Doll character, keeping alive the memory of the tragic events of 9/11.

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