Pete Davidson’s Fiery Response to PETA: Defending Puppy Purchase Amidst Criticism

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media. Pete Davidson Clashes with PETA Over Puppy Purchase: An Expletive-Filled Response


Pete Davidson has engaged in a heated exchange with PETA after the organization criticized him for purchasing a puppy from a pet store instead of adopting from an animal shelter.

The comedian and actor was seen picking up the new dog, a cavapoo, with his girlfriend Chase Sui Wonders in New York City.

PETA’s Senior Vice President of Cruelty Investigations, Daphna Nachminovitch, expressed disappointment at Davidson’s decision.

In response, Davidson left an expletive-filled voicemail defending his choice, citing severe allergies as the reason for selecting a specific breed.

PETA’s Criticism and Davidson’s Allergies PETA’s Disappointment:

PETA’s Nachminovitch publicly voiced her disappointment at Davidson’s decision to buy a puppy from a pet store rather than adopting from a shelter.


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She urged him to consider adopting a mutt from a city animal shelter, highlighting the abundance of homeless animals awaiting loving homes.

Davidson’s Severe Allergies:

Davidson responded in an aggressive voicemail, obtained by TMZ, explaining that he is severely allergic to dogs and had to choose a breed that would not trigger his allergies.

He specified that cavapoos, due to their hypoallergenic characteristics and low-shedding coats, are the only dogs he is not allergic to.

Emotional Context and Criticism of PETA Personal Context:

Davidson revealed that the new dog was intended for his mother, who had recently lost her previous dog.

Expressing sadness over the loss, Davidson emphasized the need for a specific dog to uplift his family during their grieving period.

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Criticism of PETA:


In the voicemail, Davidson criticized PETA for making assumptions and creating news stories without conducting proper research.

He contested PETA’s claim that there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog, asserting that cavapoos fit his specific needs.

PETA’s Response and Davidson’s Clarification PETA’s Perspective:

PETA, responding to Davidson’s voicemail, reiterated its disappointment and emphasized that there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog.

The organization asserted that Davidson could have adopted a cavapoo or any other breed from a shelter, where many purebred dogs can be found.

Davidson’s Lack of Awareness:

Davidson admitted that he was initially unaware that he could adopt a hypoallergenic dog.

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He stated that he was told it wasn’t an option or, if available, was rare.


He expressed his upset over PETA making a public example of his family during their time of grieving.


The clash between Pete Davidson and PETA over his puppy purchase highlights differing perspectives on pet adoption and responsible pet ownership.

While PETA advocates for adopting from shelters to combat the puppy mill industry and reduce the number of homeless animals, Davidson defends his decision based on his severe allergies and the specific needs of his family.

The controversy sparks a broader conversation about pet acquisition and the importance of understanding individual circumstances before passing judgment.


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