Pete Davidson’s Hilarious Jab at Kanye West on SNL Return

Pete Davidson’s Hilarious Jab at Kanye West on SNL Return

Pete Davidson Returns to SNL

Pete Davidson made a triumphant return to Saturday Night Live (SNL) after departing the show in May.

His brief relationship with Kim Kardashian, Kanye West’s ex-wife, had garnered intense media attention when they became an item in October 2021.

In his comeback, Davidson couldn’t resist taking a humorous dig at the rapper in a playful SNL sketch.

I’m Just Pete: A Hilarious Spoof

In a segment titled ‘I’m Just Pete,’ a parody of the Barbie movie song ‘I’m Just Ken,’ Pete delighted fans by going topless, donning pink trousers and a blonde wig to mimic Ryan Gosling’s rendition of the tune.

Singing to the audience, Pete humorously crooned, “I’m just Pete, looking like a meth head on the street.”

He playfully poked fun at his “b***hole eyes” before adding, “And I like jugs. I’m mentally ill and I’m on drugs.

But hey, I’m still in Super Bowl commercials.”

Playful References to Past Relationships

Poking fun at his numerous past relationships, Pete playfully sang, “Yet I never sleep alone at night.” However, it was his next verse that stole the show as he turned his attention to Kanye West, 46.

The Kanye West Jibe

“People online still call me Skete because I’m a guy whose name I can’t say legally,” he crooned, while an image of Kanye appeared on the screen behind him, eliciting uproarious laughter from the audience.

Viewers took to social media platforms to applaud the joke, with many finding it brilliantly executed.

A Serious Moment

Amid the humor, Pete Davidson momentarily shifted to a more serious tone, addressing the tragic events in the Middle East.

He commented on the horrific images and stories from Israel and Gaza, recognizing that people might wonder why he, of all people, would comment on such matters.

He explained that the 9/11 attacks had deeply impacted his life, as he lost his father, Scott, in the terrorist attacks.

A Heartfelt Perspective

Pete shared his thoughts on the suffering of both Israeli and Palestinian children in the recent conflict. He reflected on the profound impact it had on him, stating that nobody, especially children, deserved such suffering.

His father, Scott, had been a firefighter who perished while responding to the 9/11 attacks.

Pete discovered his father’s fate through television, and his journey since has involved battling PTSD and undergoing trauma therapy.

A Return to SNL with Impact

Pete Davidson’s return to SNL was a mix of humor and heartfelt perspective. His playful jibe at Kanye West entertained the audience, while his poignant remarks on the Middle East conflict showcased a more serious side.

Davidson’s personal experiences have undoubtedly shaped his outlook and added depth to his comedy.


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