Comedian Pete Davidson “told audience he is using ketamine to treat his depression” during a performance.

Months after a stay in rehab for mental health difficulties, comedian Pete Davidson “told audience he is using ketamine to treat his depression” during a performance.For, by Sarah Sotoodeh Aktuell: 12:16 EDT, August 29, 2023

According to reports, Pete Davidson “told the audience at his comedy show he is on ketamine.”According to Page Six insiders, the actor and comedian, 29, reportedly said it while performing on stage Saturday night at Madison Square Garden in New York City as he warmed up the crowd for Dave Chappelle.

The publication also inquired about his use of ketamine from a friend, who answered in the affirmative.According to the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), ketamine is a sedative anesthetic that is authorized as a medicinal medication.

According to the DEA, it is licensed as a medicinal product for use as a nasal spray to treat refractory depression and as an injectable short-acting anesthetic for both humans and animals.According to a source for Page Six, Pete is “using ketamine via the nasal spray,” which is used when conventional depression medications stop has contacted his representatives for a response. According to the DEA, ketamine, commonly known as Special K, is referred to as a “dissociative anesthetic hallucinogen” because the user has a sense of detachment from their surroundings and suffering.

Pete spoke up about his depression in an interview with Charlamagne Tha God in 2020.”I’m constantly depressed,” you might say. The actor remarked, “I have to pull myself out of it continuously.”I wake up depressed, but I know what to do now.” I need to take a stroll or go outside and spend some time in the sun. Pete said, “It’s all simply programming yourself to deceive your brain.”I always hit rock bottom,” I said.

My rock bottom is when people are scared for my life and I have to go away, and then I have to bring myself back up again. I think I’ve hit it a few times. As long as you’re around good, supportive people, and if you’re strong enough, you’ll be able to get out of it,’ he said in the interview.

Pete claimed at the time that his spiraling behavior is triggered by “doing a little too much shrooms [psychedelic mushrooms] and a little too much acid [LSD] and having a little too much fun and not sleeping, not taking good care of myself.”Adding: “You just go a little crazy when you don’t sleep and you have a mental illness and you’re doing all this [stuff],”According to TMZ at the time, Pete checked himself into treatment in June for mental health difficulties.

According to the source, the comedian has borderline personality disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).Pete frequently enters treatment to address these difficulties. His family and friends have been encouraging to him during this difficult time, a source told People. Pete’s parents are Scott and Amy Davidson, and he has a younger sister named Casey. Pete was born in Staten Island, New York City.Scott, a firefighter in New York City, perished during the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Pete lost his father when he was just seven years old.It was revealed last week that he had broken up with his nine-month girlfriend Chase Sui Wonders.He has remarried. He is very active and succeeding, a source told People.In March, after speeding and hitting a fire hydrant, Pete, who was at the wheel, and Chase, 27, drove into a Beverly Hills home. No one was wounded in the collision, but he was charged with a misdemeanor count of careless driving.According to People, Pete enrolled in an 18-month diversion program in July. As part of this program, he is required to pay restitution, do a hospital or morgue visit for educational purposes, complete 50 hours of community service, and complete 12 hours of traffic school.He dated Pete for nine months before meeting Chase.

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