David DePape Tearfully Testifies in Attempted Murder Trial: Denies Intent to Bludgeon Pelosi’s Husband

DePape’s Emotional Testimony

David DePape, on trial for attempted murder, tearfully testified on Tuesday, expressing regret for assaulting Paul Pelosi, husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Amid emotional revelations, DePape disclosed a peculiar “grand plan” involving an attempt to interrogate Nancy Pelosi and expose Hunter Biden.

The Pelosi Assault: Unveiling DePape’s “Grand Plan”

In a shocking turn of events, DePape’s defense attorney conceded to the assault on Paul Pelosi but claimed it was part of a larger “grand plan.” DePape, a former nudist from Canada, detailed his intention to interrogate Nancy Pelosi about “Russiagate” while wearing a unicorn costume and filming the interaction for online exposure.

Regret and Apology in Court

While admitting to regret for injuring Paul Pelosi, DePape insisted that his “plan was ruined,” leading to the assault.

He expressed sorrow for Pelosi’s injuries and revealed his hope that Pelosi could undo the situation by retracting his call to the police.

DePape’s Disturbing Plan Unveiled

DePape outlined his intention to question Nancy Pelosi about “Russiagate” and expose Hunter Biden through an unconventional method.

The bizarre plan involved wearing a unicorn costume and recording the interaction with a body camera, intending to post it online for public scrutiny.

Confrontation and Surprising Turns

DePape testified about confronting Paul Pelosi in the early hours of October 28, 2022, inside the Pelosi mansion.

The assault, initially intended as part of the “grand plan,” took an unexpected turn when Pelosi’s response deviated from DePape’s expectations.

DePape’s Admission of Intentions

Under cross-examination, DePape admitted to being prepared to break Nancy Pelosi’s kneecaps if his interrogation plan didn’t unfold as anticipated.

The courtroom heard about DePape’s surprise and confusion when he learned that Nancy Pelosi was not at home during the incident.

Insight into DePape’s Political Views

Earlier in the trial, DePape shared insights into his political beliefs, citing influences from video games and YouTube videos.

He expressed opinions on Gamergate, conspiracy theories about 9/11, and his views on former President Donald Trump.

Medical Testimony and Gruesome Details

Neurosurgeon Dr. Michael Huang provided medical testimony about Paul Pelosi’s injuries, including two open skull fractures.

Gruesome details and images from Pelosi’s surgery were presented in court, depicting the severity of the assault.

Pelosi’s Testimony: Negotiation and Escaping Danger

Paul Pelosi recounted the harrowing events of the assault, detailing negotiations with DePape to avoid further harm.

Pelosi’s efforts to alert 911 and maneuvering to reach safety were described, providing a firsthand account of the terrifying encounter.

Legal Ramifications and Potential Sentence

If convicted, DePape faces life in prison for the attempted murder charges. He has also pleaded not guilty to a range of other charges, including assault with a deadly weapon, elder abuse, and residential burglary. A state trial for these charges has yet to be scheduled.

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