Pelosi Assault Trial: DePape Admits Regret for Attack, Cites ‘Grand Plan’ to Expose Hunter Biden

Pelosi Assault Trial: DePape Admits Regret for Attack, Cites ‘Grand Plan’ to Expose Hunter Biden

Intruder’s Apology and Intricate Plans:

David DePape, the assailant who attacked Paul Pelosi, husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, tearfully apologized during his attempted murder trial.

Despite admitting to the assault, DePape insisted he did not intend to bludgeon Pelosi with a hammer.

He acknowledged regret for injuring Pelosi and disclosed that his original plan involved interrogating Nancy Pelosi about ‘Russiagate’ in a unicorn outfit.

Attack Details and Apology to Victim:

DePape, a former nudist from Canada, entered the Pelosi residence in San Francisco, assaulting Paul Pelosi in the early hours of October 28, 2022.

Paul Pelosi suffered a fractured skull as a result of the attack, which put him in the hospital.

DePape expressed remorse for the incident, explaining that his ‘plan was ruined,’ leading to a reactive response.

He conveyed his sorrow for Pelosi’s injuries, describing a moment of empathy when he felt ‘really bad’ for him.

Unorthodox Plans and Threats:

DePape detailed his original intentions, which involved questioning Nancy Pelosi about Russiagate while dressed in a unicorn costume, with the intention of posting the interaction online.

He also threatened to break Nancy Pelosi’s kneecaps if she did not cooperate during his envisioned interrogation.

Despite acknowledging Pelosi was never the intended target, DePape’s unconventional plans took a dark turn when confronted with an unexpected situation.

Confrontation and Emotional Breakdown:

Under cross-examination, DePape admitted the possibility of violence but insisted it wasn’t his primary intention.

He mentioned carrying rope and duct tape but downplayed the idea of keeping Nancy Pelosi hostage.

DePape, who believed in conspiracy theories and held views on 9/11 and former President Donald Trump, broke down in tears during the trial.

His emotional state prompted consolation from his defense lawyer.

Medical Testimony and Pelosi’s Ordeal:

Neurosurgeon Dr. Michael Huang testified about treating Paul Pelosi’s injuries at Zuckerberg General Hospital in San Francisco.

Pelosi suffered two open skull fractures, requiring surgery to address the extensive laceration.

Graphic images of Pelosi’s post-surgery condition were presented in court, depicting the severity of his injuries.

Paul Pelosi’s own account emphasized the shock and danger he experienced during the intrusion.

Negotiation and Police Intervention:

Paul Pelosi recounted negotiating with DePape to go downstairs in the hope of police rescue.

DePape’s realization that the police were on their way altered the situation, leading him to threaten Pelosi again.

The police’s arrival prevented further harm, but not before DePape struck Pelosi on the head with a hammer.

Pelosi expressed relief at the police’s intervention and described the traumatic moments leading up to the attack.

The trial unfolds with a mix of emotional testimonies, revealing DePape’s intricate but disturbing plans and Pelosi’s harrowing experience during the home invasion.

DePape’s apology and regret bring a complex layer to the legal proceedings, adding elements of unpredictability to the case.

The trial’s focus on the assailant’s motivations and Pelosi’s ordeal provides a nuanced perspective on a troubling incident that captured national attention.

The potential life sentence facing DePape adds gravity to the legal consequences he may face.

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