Fiery Fundraiser: Biden Criticizes Trump, Compares Rhetoric to Nazi Germany

Fiery Fundraiser: Biden Criticizes Trump, Compares Rhetoric to Nazi Germany

Biden Targets Trump at San Francisco Fundraiser

President Joe Biden didn’t hold back during a fundraiser in San Francisco, criticizing Donald Trump and declaring that his Republican rival “shouldn’t be president.”

The event, hosted by California Gov. Gavin Newsom, brought in over $3 million for Biden’s reelection campaign.

Biden’s Strong Words on Trump

At a fundraiser attended by 2,500 wealthy donors, President Joe Biden took direct shots at Donald Trump, citing multiple reasons why he believes Trump “shouldn’t be president.” The crowd enthusiastically cheered as Biden voiced his criticisms.

Trump Criticized for Rhetoric Comparisons

Biden didn’t shy away from comparing Trump’s rhetoric to language heard in Nazi Germany. He condemned Trump’s remarks about political rivals, likening them to dangerous historical parallels and emphasizing the need for a different kind of leadership.

Election Wins and Trump’s Losses

President Biden highlighted recent Democratic victories in state elections and didn’t miss the opportunity to label Trump as a “loser.” Despite polls showing Trump leading in a potential 2024 matchup, Biden confidently asserted that since facing Trump, they haven’t stopped winning.

Biden’s Response to Verbal Attacks

Addressing Trump’s verbal attacks on Nancy and Paul Pelosi, Biden criticized Trump’s jokes about the assaults on Nancy Pelosi’s husband. He emphasized that there’s no place in America for political violence, drawing boos from the crowd.

Biden’s Recap of Recent Victories

Biden recounted recent triumphs, including winning the abortion fight in Ohio, Gov. Beshear’s victory in Kentucky, and Democratic legislative wins in Virginia. He declared that since actively engaging with Trump, the pattern has been continuous wins for his administration.

President’s San Francisco Visit and Summit Preview

President Biden’s four-day trip to San Francisco includes a crucial meeting with China’s President Xi Jinping.

As leaders gather for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, Biden aims to navigate complex international relations and strengthen economic ties.

Biden’s Agenda Beyond China Meeting

While the primary focus is the U.S.-China meeting, Biden’s agenda extends to addressing the Israel-Hamas conflict, urging continued support for Ukraine, and presenting his economic vision for the Asia-Pacific region.

The president’s visit also includes a fundraiser and a bilateral meeting with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

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