British Cheeses Miss Out as Parmigiano Reggiano Leads Taste Atlas’ Top 10 Best Cheeses Globally

Global Cheese Ratings Revealed

Taste Atlas, a renowned food website, disclosed its ‘Taste Atlas Awards’ list, highlighting the top 100 best cheeses globally based on user ratings.

The top 10 featured cheeses like Parmigiano Reggiano, Graviera Naxous, and Portuges Queijo, reflecting Italian, Greek, and Portuguese excellence.

Italian and French Dominance

Italian cheeses led the list, with Parmigiano Reggiano securing the top spot, renowned for its versatile flavor profile ranging from nutty to robust. France followed closely, with Saint-Andre, reblochon, and Mont d’Or ranking high among the world’s best cheeses.

British and Global Representations

West Country Farmhouse Cheddar emerged as Britain’s sole representative, placing 37th with an impressive 4.42-star average rating. In contrast to the dominance of Italian, French, and Greek offerings, British cheeses had a limited presence in the global top 100.

Greek and Portuguese Surprises

Graviera Naxo from Greece remarkably secured the fourth spot, while Queijo Serra da Estrela from Portugal claimed fifth place. These cheeses received acclaim for their distinct tastes, adding to the diverse range of cheeses recognized in the global rankings.

Fan Reactions and Controversies

The rankings sparked debate among Taste Atlas’ Facebook followers, with some advocating for overlooked countries like Switzerland and the Netherlands. Preferences for iconic cheeses like Halloumi, Stilton, and Brie also surfaced, reflecting varied global tastes.

Appreciation for Lesser-Known Cheeses

However, some users praised the recognition of lesser-known cheeses in the top 10, expressing delight at seeing underrated options like Stracchino gaining acknowledgment. Personal favorites and differing opinions on the best cheeses added to the lively discussions.