High-End London Restaurants, Including £310-per-Person Venue, Flagged for ‘Major’ Food Hygiene Upgrades

High-End London Restaurants, Including £310-per-Person Venue, Flagged for ‘Major’ Food Hygiene Upgrades

Prestigious Eateries Marked for ‘Necessary Improvement’

Several upscale restaurants in London, including Paper Moon and Café Lapérouse, known for their luxurious offerings at The OWO, received low food hygiene ratings.

These venues scored a one, signifying a need for ‘major’ corrections in their food handling practices.

Ratings and Improvement Areas

Establishments like Akira in Kensington, Bossa in West London, and Café Murano at St James Street received similar ratings, prompting necessary improvements in the handling of food, cooking processes, and overall hygiene management.

Statements from Restaurants

In response, various restaurants highlighted their efforts to rectify the identified issues swiftly. Bossa mentioned prompt actions post-inspection, reflecting a commitment to health standards. Café Murano and The Araki also acknowledged the need for re-inspections, aiming to address improvement areas.

Criticism and Public Reaction

Renowned food critic Jay Rayner criticized these ratings on Instagram, expressing surprise at the subpar scores for venues charging high prices.

His posts highlighted concerns over food handling and hygiene, particularly at establishments like Paper Moon and Café Lapérouse.

Restaurant Responses and Future Inspections

Responding to queries, restaurants like Paper Moon stressed their dedication to implementing health and safety regulations promptly. The OWO, where these restaurants are located, confirmed the independent nature of these dining spots and their immediate actions to address identified issues.

Council Inspections and Future Expectations

Westminster Council Environmental Health has engaged in re-inspections and expects updated ratings shortly for the concerned restaurants. Additionally, Raffles London at The OWO received a higher rating, contrasting with the lower scores at Paper Moon and Café Lapérouse.

Ongoing Measures and Reassurances

The restaurants under scrutiny have pledged cooperation with health authorities and anticipate improved ratings reflective of their commitment to maintaining high standards in food hygiene and safety. Further inspections are scheduled, aiming to update the public on their progress before Christmas.