Atlas Secures $4.5M Grant to Boost 3D Generative AI Platform

Atlas Secures $4.5M Grant to Boost 3D Generative AI Platform

Atlas, a 3D generative AI platform, has successfully secured a $4.5 million grant aimed at advancing its research and development initiatives.

The funding is earmarked to enhance gaming experiences through collaborations with game developers and brands, reinforcing Atlas’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and creativity.

Overview of Atlas:

Led by CEO and Founder Ben James, Atlas operates as a collaborative partner for game developers and brands, utilizing 3D generative AI to expedite the creation of virtual worlds and experiences.

The platform’s suite of AI products empowers enterprises and creators to efficiently generate custom, IP-specific assets tailored for video games, virtual ecosystems, and XR experiences.

Grant Allocation Across Three Years:

The $4.5 million grant will be disbursed over a three-year period, with a breakdown of $608,000 allocated in 2024, followed by up to $2.3 million in 2025 and $1.6 million in 2026.

The release of funds will be contingent on achieving specified milestones, emphasizing a structured and milestone-driven approach to utilizing the grant effectively.

Details about the grant distribution plan provide transparency and insight into how Atlas plans to leverage the funding over the coming years.

Prior Funding and European Union Alignment:

In addition to the current grant, Atlas has previously received funding from grants dedicated to advancing AI technology, aligning with the European Union’s High-Level Expert Group on Trustworthy AI in 2020.

This background underscores Atlas’s commitment to aligning with international standards and contributing to the development of trustworthy AI solutions.

Acknowledging Atlas’s history of securing funding and aligning with global AI standards adds credibility and context to the current grant announcement.

CEO’s Perspective:

In response to the grant news, CEO Ben James expressed enthusiasm, stating, “As we chart an exciting path forward, we remain relentless in our dedication to push the boundaries of what’s possible when technology and creativity converge.

Our global ambitions are made possible by our Austrian roots, and this funding is a high honor.”

The CEO’s perspective provides a human touch to the announcement, emphasizing the company’s vision and appreciation for the grant.


Atlas’s acquisition of a $4.5 million grant not only signals financial support for its R&D initiatives but also reaffirms its commitment to innovation and collaboration within the gaming and AI sectors.

The structured release of funds and alignment with global AI standards position Atlas for continued success on a global scale.