Jennifer Lopez likes Instagram post about “broken relationships”, intensifying speculation about rift between her and Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez likes Instagram post about “broken relationships”, intensifying speculation about rift between her and Ben Affleck

The post, authored by relationship coach Lenna Marsak, discussed the difficulties of maintaining a relationship without integrity and respect.

This action by Lopez, who is 54, has added fuel to the rumors, especially since she and Affleck, 51, have been facing whispers of marital trouble. Despite this, Lopez was seen wearing her wedding ring while arriving at a dance studio in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Signs of Strain and Public Appearances

The Instagram post that Lopez liked included several critical points about relationship dynamics. It began with a statement about the impossibility of building a healthy relationship without integrity and emotional safety.

Additional slides in the post highlighted red flags such as lack of respect for a partner’s time, poor communication skills, and failure to follow through on promises.

It emphasized that trust is foundational in any relationship and that without integrity, it’s difficult to trust someone’s words, actions, or intentions.

These issues can create an environment filled with fear, anxiety, and emotional instability.

Public Speculation and Private Actions

While Lopez’s social media activity hinted at turmoil, she continued to wear her wedding ring and appeared in public promoting her new movie, the sci-fi adventure “Atlas.”

Conversely, Affleck was seen near a home in Brentwood where he is reportedly staying without Lopez. This separation has led to more speculation about their relationship status.

An insider claimed the couple is headed for a divorce after less than two years of marriage, adding that they just couldn’t make it work.

Past and Present Tensions

Lopez and Affleck, known collectively as “Bennifer,” were last seen together in late March, sparking rumors of a split. In Lopez’s recent Amazon Prime documentary, “The Greatest Love Story Never Told,” Affleck expressed discomfort with the public nature of their relationship.

He mentioned that he found it difficult to handle the intense scrutiny they faced when they first dated in 2003, which contributed to their initial breakup.

Affleck’s discomfort with public displays and Lopez’s inclination to share their personal moments have reportedly caused tension.

A History of Love and Struggle

The couple’s love story began in 2002 when they met on the set of “Gigli.” They got engaged in 2003 but postponed their wedding due to excessive media attention and eventually split in 2004.

Both went on to marry other people and have children before rekindling their romance in 2021. They married in a private ceremony in Las Vegas in July 2022, followed by a more lavish celebration at Affleck’s estate in Georgia.

A Complex Relationship

Throughout their renewed relationship, Lopez has been open about her love for Affleck, dedicating her album “This Is Me… Now” to their romance.

However, Affleck has expressed unease about the public nature of their relationship. In her documentary, Lopez admits that Affleck isn’t comfortable with being her muse, despite her desire to celebrate their love publicly.

The tension between their different approaches to handling their relationship publicly has been evident.

The Future of Bennifer

As of now, the future of Lopez and Affleck’s relationship remains uncertain. Reports suggest that Affleck has moved out of their shared $60 million home, focusing on his work and children.

Meanwhile, Lopez continues with her career and public appearances, recently seen house-hunting in Beverly Hills. Fans have noted that the couple has been spending more time apart and attending events solo, further fueling divorce rumors.

Public Perception and Career Impacts

Lopez’s recent activities, including a solo appearance at the Met Gala and house-hunting, have not gone unnoticed.

Her upcoming tour for her ninth studio album, “This Is Me… Now,” has faced poor ticket sales, leading insiders to claim that Live Nation considered canceling the tour.

However, Lopez and her manager refused to cancel the dates. Despite the challenges, Lopez remains committed to her career, even as her personal life faces scrutiny.


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s relationship has been a rollercoaster of highs and lows, public declarations of love, and private struggles. While recent actions and rumors suggest potential trouble in paradise, only time will tell how their story unfolds.

For now, Lopez continues to focus on her career, even as fans and the media speculate about the future of her marriage to Affleck.

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