Operation Delta Safe and Operation Hadin Kai: NAF Continues Successful Operations Against Criminal Elements

Operation Delta Safe and Operation Hadin Kai: NAF Continues Successful Operations Against Criminal Elements


In recent air strikes conducted by the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) in the North-Eastern region of the country, several terrorists have been neutralized.

Simultaneously, the NAF has targeted and attacked oil thieves in the Niger Delta region.

These operations were executed by the air components of both Operation Delta Safe (OPDS) and Operation Hadin Kai, aiming to curtail the activities of various criminal elements.

Neutralizing Terrorists in the North-Eastern Region

The NAF’s efforts to contain the activities of terrorists have resulted in significant success.

The Director of Public Relations and Information for NAF, Air Commodore Edward Gabkwet, highlighted the air strikes’ objective of stabilizing the nation and ensuring the safety of peace-loving Nigerians.


Specifically, on August 25, the air component of OPDS targeted Chinene, a known terrorists’ hideout in the Mandara mountains.

This location has been struck multiple times in the past due to its association with terrorist gatherings and activities.

The recent strike led to the neutralization of several terrorists, with others fleeing the area.

Combating Oil Theft in the Niger Delta

Additionally, NAF’s operations extended to the Niger Delta region, where illegal refining sites and oil thieves were targeted.

Air interdiction missions were carried out on August 27 on illicit refining sites located at Cawthorne Channels, Bille, and Gogokori in the Degema Local Government Area of Rivers.


A Cotonou boat carrying illegal refined products was also destroyed at Gogokori as it attempted to escape into open waters.

Similar strikes were conducted in Idama and Omoma, targeting suspected refining activities in these areas.

The strikes resulted in the destruction of active illegal refining sites and reservoirs suspected to contain illegally refined products.

Denying Criminals Freedom

Air Commodore Edward Gabkwet emphasized that the NAF’s actions, alongside other security agencies, are aimed at denying non-state actors the freedom to engage in nefarious activities.

The success of these strikes underscores the importance of actionable information from citizens to aid security agencies in their efforts.


Gabkwet urged all Nigerians to consider themselves part of the solution to these security challenges by providing timely and relevant information to help maintain peace and stability in the country.

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