Open Letter to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu: Concerns Over Muslim-Muslim Leadership and Disturbing Signals

Open Letter to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu: Concerns Over Muslim-Muslim Leadership and Disturbing Signals

In a thought-provoking open letter to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Salihu Lukman, a former APC National Vice Chairman, addressed some critical concerns regarding the party’s leadership post-elections.


Lukman highlighted several issues, including the imposition of another Muslim-Muslim leadership within the party, the current exchange rate, fuel prices, and the president’s choice of ministers.

The letter emphasizes the potential impact of these issues on the party’s future prospects and the country’s development.

The Imposition of Muslim-Muslim Leadership

Lukman expresses his apprehensions about the emergence of Muslim leaders within the APC, particularly the endorsement of Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje and Ajibola Bashiru as APC leaders.

This choice has triggered tensions within the party, and Lukman highlights that this move contradicts the party’s commitment to inclusivity.


He questions President Tinubu’s preference for endorsing another Muslim pairing over alternatives such as Umaru Tanko Al-Makura from Nasarawa State.

Disturbing Signals: Corruption Allegations and Weak Commitment

The letter sheds light on the controversy surrounding Dr. Ganduje’s appointment as the National Chairman of APC.

Lukman points out the corruption allegations against Dr. Ganduje and the party’s decision to ignore Article 31.5(i) of the APC constitution, which gives Nasarawa State Executive Committee the authority to nominate a replacement.

The letter questions the logic behind selecting someone with corruption allegations over a loyal and viable candidate like Umaru Tanko Al-Makura.

Fear and Absence of Resistance

Lukman delves into the issue of fear within the APC and its impact on decision-making.


He argues that the absence of resistance to Dr. Ganduje’s emergence as the National Chairman reflects a climate of fear among party members.

This fear, Lukman suggests, may hinder open discourse and dissent within the party, potentially leading to a situation where opposing viewpoints are suppressed, and the party becomes more centralized.

Inclusivity and Progressive Politics

The letter critiques the party’s claim to progressive politics in light of its decisions.

Lukman laments the missed opportunity to address inclusivity challenges arising from the 2023 election victory with a Muslim-Muslim ticket.

Rather than showcasing a commitment to inclusivity, the party’s choice to have both the National Chairman and National Secretary as Muslims is seen as counterproductive to its image as a progressive force.


Quality of Appointees and Policy Management

Lukman raises concerns about the quality of appointees in President Tinubu’s administration.

The letter references the delay in nominating ministers and suggests that political considerations may have overshadowed the selection of proficient individuals.

Lukman argues that this diminishes the public’s expectations for effective governance and undermines the confidence placed in the president’s ability to identify talents.

Economic and Policy Challenges

The letter also addresses economic challenges, particularly the management of policy processes related to petroleum subsidy and exchange rates.

Lukman highlights the need for clear initiatives and policies to address these issues, which have significant implications for the country’s economic stability.


The decision to float the Naira without a comprehensive economic strategy and the impact of rising fuel costs on inflation and living conditions are outlined as urgent concerns.

Call to Action

Lukman concludes the letter by urging President Tinubu to address the disturbing signals that have emerged early in his tenure.

He emphasizes that these signals can define his administration and the party’s future.

The letter makes a strong appeal for corrective action to avoid further deterioration of the party’s image and the prospect of winning future elections.

In this open letter, Salihu Lukman voices his concerns with clarity, focusing on issues of leadership, transparency, inclusivity, and economic policy.


His message is a call for reflection, action, and a recommitment to the values that the APC represents.


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