Muslim-Muslim Leadership Imposition Sparks Tensions in APC: Lukman’s Open Letter Highlights Disturbing Signals

Muslim-Muslim Leadership Imposition Sparks Tensions in APC: Lukman’s Open Letter Highlights Disturbing Signals

In a recent development within the All Progressives Congress (APC), Salihu Lukman, a former APC National Vice Chairman, has expressed his concerns through an open letter addressed to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.


Lukman has highlighted what he perceives as unsettling trends within the party, particularly regarding the imposition of a Muslim-Muslim leadership structure after the elections.

A Troubling Leadership Dynamic

One of the central points raised by Lukman is the endorsement of Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje and Ajibola Bashiru, both Muslims, as APC leaders.

This choice has triggered tensions within the party, with Lukman highlighting that it sends a disconcerting message about the party’s commitment to inclusivity and representation.

Notably, this decision seems to favor another Muslim pairing, disregarding alternative candidates like Umaru Tanko Al-Makura from Nasarawa State.


Disturbing Choices and Corruption Allegations

The appointment of Dr. Ganduje as the National Chairman of APC stands out as a significant concern in Lukman’s letter.

This decision, despite the unresolved corruption allegations against Dr. Ganduje, raises questions about the party’s stance on fighting corruption.

Lukman points out that this move contradicts the party’s commitment to the interests of both its members and the broader Nigerian population.

Silencing Opposition: A Growing Atmosphere of Fear

Lukman highlights a worrying trend within the party—the lack of resistance against Dr. Ganduje’s appointment.

He suggests that this absence of opposition could be attributed to a growing atmosphere of fear among party members and leaders.


The fear of expressing dissenting opinions against decisions might lead to an undesirable situation where opposition is stifled, potentially undermining the principles of democracy and internal party dynamics.

Progressive Ideals and Leadership Quality

Addressing President Tinubu’s reputation for identifying talent, Lukman expresses disappointment in the quality of appointees, particularly the delayed nomination of Ministers.

This delay raised expectations that the appointments would be based on merit, but the ultimate choices seemed to prioritize political considerations over competence.

This divergence from the expected standard has disappointed both party members and the broader Nigerian populace.

Policy Management and Economic Concerns

Lukman’s letter also delves into policy matters, specifically the management of key economic issues.


He raises concerns about the lack of clarity surrounding the government’s approach to petroleum subsidy removal and the subsequent implications for the economy.

Additionally, he criticizes the lack of a comprehensive economic policy around the recent decision to float the Naira.

This isolated policy change has contributed to a downward slide in the Naira’s value, leading to rising living costs and inflationary pressures.

A Call for Immediate Action

The open letter concludes with a direct plea to President Tinubu to address these disturbing signals promptly.

Lukman stresses that ignoring these concerns could result in them becoming defining attributes of both the administration and the party.


He emphasizes the importance of correcting these issues before they tarnish the party’s reputation and impact its prospects in future elections.

In essence, Salihu Lukman’s open letter to President Tinubu outlines a series of concerns regarding the direction the APC is taking, particularly in terms of leadership choices, internal party dynamics, appointment quality, and policy management.

It reflects the perspective of a concerned party member who is keenly invested in ensuring the party’s progress aligns with the principles and expectations of its constituents and Nigerians at large.

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