Not Guilty of Murder: British Man’s Verdict in Wife’s Assisted Suicide Case

Not Guilty of Murder: British Man’s Verdict in Wife’s Assisted Suicide Case

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

British Man Found Not Guilty of Murder in Wife’s Assisted Suicide Case


In a significant legal ruling, a British man, David Hunter, was declared not guilty of murder in the killing of his wife, Janice, in Cyprus.

The judges concluded that the act was a case of manslaughter rather than premeditated murder, as David had assisted his wife in ending her life due to her painful battle with blood cancer.

A Tragic Act of Assisted Suicide: David Hunter, a 75-year-old former miner, had been living with his wife, Janice, in retirement in Cyprus before the tragic incident.


In December 2021, he suffocated his wife with a pillow after she reportedly begged him to end her suffering from the relentless pain caused by blood cancer.

Court Agrees with Defense Position: During the trial, David Hunter’s law firm, Justice Abroad, stated that the court agreed with their defense position, recognizing that this was not a premeditated murder.

Instead, the court acknowledged that David acted spontaneously out of love for his wife, fulfilling her request to end her life due to unbearable pain.

Ecstatic Response from the Firm: Michael Polak, the director of Justice Abroad, expressed the firm’s elation at the verdict, emphasizing the tragic nature of the case.

He highlighted the deep love and longstanding relationship between David and Janice, indicating that David’s actions were motivated by compassion and concern for his wife.


Upcoming Sentencing and Legal Status in Cyprus and the UK: The sentencing for David Hunter is scheduled for July 27.

Justice Abroad plans to argue for a suspended sentence, considering David’s age and the circumstances of the case.

In Cyprus, assisted suicide is presently illegal, though there have been discussions about potential legalization.

In the United Kingdom, euthanasia and assisted suicide are also illegal, but the British Parliament’s Health and Social Care Committee is currently conducting an inquiry into the matter.

Catholic Church’s Stance on Euthanasia: The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales has firmly opposed any legalization of euthanasia in the UK.


In their submission to the parliamentary inquiry, they emphasized the importance of valuing human life until natural death and providing comprehensive care for patients, including spiritual and pastoral support.

Conclusion: The case of David Hunter highlights the complexities surrounding assisted suicide and euthanasia, as well as the diverse legal stances in different countries.

The ruling in Cyprus raises questions about the appropriate response to assisted suicide cases, and the ongoing parliamentary inquiry in the UK reflects the ongoing debate over the topic.

As society grapples with these sensitive issues, the debate between individual autonomy and the sanctity of human life continues.


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