Guilty Verdict: Yoga Teacher Faces 99 Years in Prison for Love Rival’s Murder

In a stunning development, yoga teacher Kaitlin Armstrong has been found guilty of fatally shooting her love rival, Moriah Wilson, as the victim screamed in terror.

The jury’s swift decision, reached in less than two hours, now places Armstrong, 35, at the risk of serving up to 99 years in prison.

The Love Triangle Unveiled:

Stalking and Surveillance Footage:

Jurors were presented with compelling evidence that Armstrong had stalked her boyfriend, Colin Strickland, and Wilson during a night out on May 11, 2022.

Surveillance cameras captured Armstrong’s Jeep outside the apartment, providing a crucial timeline of events leading to Wilson’s tragic demise.

Chilling Video Evidence:

Bombshell video footage showcased what seemed to be Wilson’s final moments, marked by screams of terror and gunshots.

The prosecutor highlighted the haunting nature of the footage, emphasizing that Wilson’s last act on Earth was one of sheer terror.

Crime Scene and Medical Testimony:

Sequence of Events:

After Strickland dropped Wilson off at a friend’s house, Armstrong’s Jeep appeared at the scene moments later.

Gunshots followed, captured by multiple security cameras, solidifying Armstrong’s presence at the crime scene.

The medical examiner testified that Wilson suffered fatal injuries, including defensive wounds, indicating an attempt to shield herself.

Escape to Costa Rica:

Fleeing Austin to Costa Rica days after the murder, Armstrong underwent plastic surgery, adopted aliases, and continued her life, teaching yoga on a beach.

The prosecutor highlighted the stark contrast between Armstrong’s escape and the Wilson family’s enduring grief.

Closing Arguments and Defense Perspective:

Prosecution’s Closing Statements:

During closing arguments, the prosecutor portrayed Armstrong as a fugitive, emphasizing her attempts to evade justice.

The emotional toll on the victim’s family was underscored, with the prosecutor pointing to Armstrong’s attempts to escape custody.

Defense’s Counterarguments:

In the defense’s rebuttal, Colin Strickland was characterized as a deceitful individual, labeled a ‘poster boy for Peter Pan syndrome’—a man unwilling to grow up.

Armstrong’s lawyer contested the portrayal of Armstrong as a jealous murderer, asserting that her insecurities were a normal response to a cheating boyfriend.

Unanswered Questions and Escape Attempts:

The defense attorney highlighted untested DNA evidence and unknown DNA on Wilson’s bike, suggesting a selective presentation of evidence.

Acknowledging Armstrong’s two escape attempts, the defense painted her as ‘terrified,’ raising the possibility of fear for her own life.

Conclusion and Defense’s Plea:

Guilty Verdict and Reflection on Innocence:

The defense lawyer pleads for a nuanced understanding, stating that “Not guilty” doesn’t equate to innocence, leaving the true identity of the killer in question.

Implications and Legal Complexity:

Armstrong’s conviction unfolds against a backdrop of legal complexities, leaving room for contemplation on the intricacies of the case.

The contrast between the prosecution’s portrayal of Armstrong as a guilty fugitive and the defense’s plea for a more nuanced perspective adds layers to the unfolding narrative.

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