Families of Lucy Letby’s Victims React to Guilty Verdict in Neonatal Unit Case

The families of the infants affected by the actions of nurse Lucy Letby have expressed their overwhelming emotions following her conviction for the murder of seven babies and attempted murder of six others.

Letby, aged 33, was found guilty of committing these acts within the Countess of Chester Hospital neonatal unit during the years 2015 and 2016.

Outside the Manchester Crown Court, a spokesperson for the families, Janet Moore, who serves as the family liaison co-ordinator, conveyed their sentiments on the matter.

Moore stated that words couldn’t adequately capture their current state of mind, describing the shock and disbelief they are grappling with.

The families have faced a prolonged and emotionally arduous journey over the past seven to eight years, starting from the tragic loss of their infants to the distressing revelation that their deaths or health complications might have been suspicious.

While acknowledging that justice had been served with Letby’s conviction, the families conveyed their deep-seated hurt, anger, and distress, which the verdict could not fully alleviate.

They disclosed that some families did not receive the outcome they had anticipated, resulting in a bittersweet reaction to the verdict.

The families used terms such as heartbroken, devastated, angry, and numb to describe their emotional state, highlighting the magnitude of their ordeal.

The statement expressed gratitude towards the jurors who endured a grueling 145 days of evidence during the trial.

The families also extended their appreciation to the medical experts, consultants, doctors, and nursing staff who provided testimony during the proceedings.

They recognized that the trial had been emotionally taxing and distressing at times, both for them and those who testified.

Throughout the trial, the search for the truth remained a paramount concern, and the families expressed enduring gratitude for this commitment.

As part of the legal proceedings, a court order prevents the public disclosure of the identities of the children involved in the allegations, whether deceased or surviving.

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