Controversial Verdict: British Man Convicted of Wife’s Manslaughter in Cyprus, Eyes August Release

A Tragic Incident and a Controversial Verdict

David Hunter, a 76-year-old retired British miner, has been sentenced to two years in prison by a judge in Cyprus for the manslaughter of his wife, Janice, whom he was married to for 52 years.


The incident occurred in December 2021 at their residence near the coastal resort town of Paphos.

Janice died due to asphyxiation, leading to the trial that gripped attention.

Time Already Served: Early Release Expected

Despite the two-year sentence, David Hunter’s lawyer has revealed that he may be released by August 18, as he has already spent 19 months in prison.

This early release is attributed to the time he has served during the trial.


The Distressing Testimony

During the trial, David Hunter tearfully told the court that he could never have taken his wife’s life unless she had explicitly asked him to do so.

He shared that Janice was suffering from blood cancer and had asked him to end her life as her pain became unbearable.

He emphasized the strong bond they shared, describing her not just as his wife but as his best friend.

A Controversial Plea and Attempted Suicide

Hunter’s defense centered around his wife’s alleged request for him to assist in ending her suffering.

While he was cleared of premeditated murder, he was found guilty of manslaughter.


He demonstrated in court how he had held her mouth and nose, fulfilling her request after she became “hysterical.”

The emotional testimony touched upon the profound impact her illness had on both of them.

Following the incident, Hunter attempted to take his own life by overdosing on medication.

Fortunately, medical assistance arrived in time to save him.


The case of David Hunter has garnered significant attention due to its tragic circumstances and the complex ethical questions surrounding end-of-life decisions.


With a manslaughter conviction and the possibility of an early release, the legal proceedings have left many questioning the right balance between compassion and the rule of law in such heart-wrenching situations.

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