Nigerian Healthtech HelpMum Secures $225,000 Grant from Africa Visionary Fund, Joins Prestigious Fourth Cohort

Nigerian Healthtech HelpMum Secures $225,000 Grant from Africa Visionary Fund, Joins Prestigious Fourth Cohort

Grant and Cohort Inclusion Announcement:

Nigeria’s health technology startup, HelpMum, has secured a substantial $225,000 grant from the Africa Visionary Fund.

The startup’s Founder and CEO, Dr Abiodun Adereni, proudly announced HelpMum’s selection as one of the 12 visionary partners for the Africa Visionary Fund’s fourth cohort.

Tech-Driven Healthcare Innovation:

Reiterating the commitment to groundbreaking innovation, Dr Adereni highlighted HelpMum’s focus on leveraging cutting-edge technology, especially artificial intelligence, to revolutionize healthcare for pregnant women and nursing mothers across Africa.

HelpMum’s Impressive Track Record:

Founded in 2017 by Tony Elumelu Foundation alumnus Abiodun Adereni, HelpMum, based in Ibadan, employs mobile technology to address maternal and infant mortality.

The startup offers an e-learning platform for community birth attendants, a vaccination tracking system, and initiatives promoting immunization in remote areas.

Grant History and Recognition:

HelpMum’s success in securing grants dates back to 2017, starting with a $5,000 grant after excelling in a Nairobi health innovators challenge.

Subsequent awards included a $250,000 grant from the Google Impact Challenge in 2018 and a $250,000 grant from the Facebook Community Accelerator in 2019.

Global Recognition Amid Pandemic:

Amid the challenges of the 2020 pandemic, HelpMum stood out globally, winning the 2021 Waislitz Global Citizen Award, making it the only African startup among the four global winners.

Recognized for its exceptional COVID-19 response, the startup received a $50,000 prize.

Google Social Impact Funding and AI Deployment:

Selected for Google Social Impact Funding in June, HelpMum became the sole Nigerian startup among 30 global recipients.

In September 2022, the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation awarded a $250,000 grant to support the deployment of HelpMum’s AI-Driven Vaccine Intervention Optimiser (ADVISER) in Nigeria.

Unveiling the Total Grant Impact:

HelpMum, unique in never raising VC funding, potentially received over a million dollars in grants. Dr Adereni attributes this success to the impactful work of HelpMum, regular updates to donors, and an innovative approach to addressing maternal and infant mortality.

The startup’s dedication to showcasing impact through platforms like YouTube further contributes to its attractiveness to funders.

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