NewSpring secures MORE THAN $180M for fourth healthcare growth fund

NewSpring Healthcare’s Specialized Investment Approach

NewSpring Healthcare is a focused investment strategy that centers on catalyzing change within the healthcare landscape.

With a track record spanning over two decades, the firm directs its investments towards companies that revolutionize patient care delivery.

Leveraging a thesis-driven approach, NewSpring Healthcare has cultivated extensive expertise in identifying and supporting entities across various sectors within the healthcare ecosystem.

Investor Support and Strategy Focus

NSH IV, the latest investment vehicle, has garnered substantial backing from a diverse array of stakeholders.

This support network encompasses a mix of established industry players, financial institutions, and family offices.

Central to NewSpring Healthcare’s methodology is an emphasis on cultivating exclusive investment opportunities, driven by exhaustive primary and secondary research.

This rigorous approach enables the identification of sectors primed to significantly impact healthcare dynamics.

Noteworthy Investments and Impact

Prior to reaching its final funding stage, NSH IV has strategically deployed its resources into six key investments.

These include ventures such as AeroSafe Global, specializing in pharmaceutical distribution services, BetterNight, a comprehensive sleep disorders management provider, Healthworks, a leading figure in cardiovascular staffing, Patheous Health, pioneering mobile dysphagia diagnostics, Prosperity Behavior Health, offering business process outsourcing to behavioral health programs, and Verisma, an industry frontrunner in healthcare disclosure management technology and services.

NewSpring’s Diverse Portfolio and Legacy

Established in 1999, NewSpring boasts an impressive portfolio management capacity, overseeing approximately $3.5 billion across five distinct investment strategies.

Ranging from growth equity to control buyouts and mezzanine debt, these strategies collectively span the spectrum of investment opportunities within the healthcare domain.

With a wealth of experience and a steadfast commitment to transformative investments, NewSpring Healthcare continues to shape the evolution of healthcare delivery.