Susan Smith Corresponds with Multiple Men from Prison for Murders of Her Sons

Susan Smith Corresponds with Multiple Men from Prison for Murders of Her Sons

Susan Smith, the woman convicted and sentenced to life in prison for the 1994 murder of her sons, Michael and Alex, has been engaging in flirtatious communication with at least six men while serving her sentence.

She is currently incarcerated at Leath Correctional Institution in Greenwood, South Carolina. One of her admirers has gone so far as to create a fictional representation of their life together in the popular video game The Sims, naming a character “Michael” in a disturbing tribute to one of the sons she tragically drowned.

Child Killer Susan Smith Engages with Six Men from Prison, Creating a Virtual Life Tribute

These correspondences have taken a bizarre turn, with some of her pen pals offering her a place to stay once she is released, despite her disturbing history.

Susan Smith is due for a parole hearing in November 2024. This revelation follows a history of infractions in prison, involving issues related to sex, drugs, and self-harm.

Smith, who has already served 27 years for the murder of her sons, committed the gruesome act by strapping them into a car and allowing it to roll into a lake after a man she was having an affair with expressed his disinterest in having children.

Susan Smith’s Prison Love Life: Correspondence, Virtual Worlds, and Upcoming Parole Hearing

While Susan Smith’s romantic pursuits from behind bars have raised eyebrows, her family seems unsurprised by her tumultuous love life, describing it as “messy.”

In one exchange, a man refers to Smith by the nickname “Pookie” and expresses his longing for her. Another admirer has gone to great lengths, setting up a simulated life in The Sims, alluding to their future together.

These correspondents hold diverse views, with some seeing Smith as a fundamentally good person who made a terrible mistake in her youth, while others are simply captivated by her.

Smith’s notoriety stems from her heinous crime in 1994, which resulted in the murder of her two sons, Michael and Alex.

She initially claimed that an unidentified black man had carjacked her and driven off with her children, but her story quickly unraveled, leading to her confession that she had drowned her sons in a lake.

The Susan Smith Saga: An Horrific Deceit That Captivated America

Susan Smith’s case shocked the nation in 1994 when her sons, 3-year-old Michael and 14-month-old Alex, disappeared.

She initially claimed they had been taken by an unidentified black man during a carjacking, making emotional pleas for their safe return.

However, her deception was soon exposed, leading to her confession that she had deliberately strapped her children into her car and allowed it to roll into a lake.

Susan Smith was convicted of their murders in July 1995. During her trial, Smith’s defense presented a narrative that she had sex with several men, including her stepfather, to argue that she was depressed and intended to commit suicide with her sons but changed her mind.

Smith is currently serving a life sentence but has faced multiple disciplinary actions while in prison, including sexual misconduct with correctional officers.

Timeline of the Susan Smith Case

The timeline of the Susan Smith case is a chilling journey from the moment her lover ended their relationship because he did not want children to her eventual confession of drowning her sons.

It includes her highly publicized pleas for their safe return, her deceit unraveling, her confession, the recovery of her sons’ bodies, her trial, and subsequent disciplinary actions while in prison.

Susan Smith’s case remains one of the most infamous criminal stories in South Carolina.

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