Janitor Arrested for Lacing School Cafeteria Food with Harmful Substances

Janitor Arrested for Lacing School Cafeteria Food with Harmful Substances

Janitor Arrested for Lacing School Cafeteria Food with Harmful Substances

A 25-year-old janitor at Elizabeth Moore School in the Upper Deerfield School District, New Jersey, has been arrested and charged with child endangerment, aggravated assault, and tampering with school cafeteria food

. Giovanni Impellizzeri’s arrest came after school authorities contacted the police due to posts on social media allegedly showing him performing explicit acts with “inanimate objects” within the school premises.

This disturbing incident has raised serious concerns about the safety of the food and utensils used by students.

School Janitor Accused of Contaminating Food with Bleach, Urine, and Feces

Investigators have alleged that Impellizzeri intentionally contaminated the food and utensils in the school cafeteria with various bodily fluids, including urine, saliva, and feces.

Shockingly, he is accused of spraying bleach into a container filled with cucumbers with the intent to harm children.

Moreover, it has been reported that Impellizzeri used bread to touch his private parts, spat on it, and then returned it to a container, potentially serving it to students.

Public Outcry as Janitor Faces Charges of Child Endangerment in Food Tampering Case

The revelation of these actions has led to a public health crisis, as parents and guardians express their concerns about the well-being of their children.

Some children have reported becoming sick, suffering from diarrhea and vomiting, with suspicions that these symptoms may be linked to the contaminated food.

Parents and community members are demanding accountability, questioning how these acts went unnoticed for an extended period.

Efforts to Address the Situation and Concerns of Parents

Giovanni Impellizzeri is currently hospitalized, and a detention hearing is scheduled for Monday. Authorities have revealed that these disturbing acts occurred while Impellizzeri was employed as a janitor at the school, a position he held since September 2019.

Investigators are diligently working to determine the exact timeline of the incidents.

Parents Demand Answers and Accountability

Many parents expressed their anger and disappointment with the school district’s handling of the situation.

They claim they were not informed of the arrest until days later when an automated call mentioned an employee on leave.

The school district’s delay in notifying parents and the health department has further exacerbated the situation, leading to growing concerns about the extent of the contamination.

Health Department and School District Respond

Efforts are underway to sanitize the food preparation areas, surfaces, and utensils within the school to ensure the safety of students.

Samples are being collected from Impellizzeri to assess if he has any diseases that could have been transmitted through his actions.

The Department of Health has advised parents and students who may have consumed contaminated food and exhibit signs of illness to contact their healthcare provider, particularly if their condition becomes severe.

Ongoing Investigation and Calls for Accountability

The school district’s response has led to a petition to remove a school official from their position, with parents demanding transparency and accountability in the handling of this disturbing incident.

As the investigation unfolds, questions remain about how such actions could have taken place and gone unnoticed for an extended period.

The Upper Deerfield School District and Elizabeth Moore School have been contacted for comment, and the community anxiously awaits further developments.