New Mother Stranded in Greece after Premature Birth: Plea for Help to Bring Baby Home

New Mother Stranded in Greece after Premature Birth: Plea for Help to Bring Baby Home

...By Alan Peterson for TDPel Media.

A new mother faces the prospect of being stuck in Greece for an extended period of six months after going into premature labor and giving birth in a foreign hospital.


Thurza Blagg, who was on holiday in Rhodes, was rushed to the hospital when her waters broke.

Premature Birth and Emotional Connection

At 28 weeks pregnant, Thurza was transferred to Alexandra Hospital in Athens, where she gave birth to her son, weighing just over one kilogram (less than 2.5 pounds).

Despite the brief encounter, Thurza described the moment as beautiful, connecting with her son’s big brown eyes, which reminded her of her late partner, Paul.

Challenging Circumstances and Critical Condition

Tragically, Thurza’s partner, Paul, took his own life in January, adding to the emotional strain she now faces.

Her baby, whom she has only seen a few times, remains in a critical but stable condition in the hospital.

Due to his fragile health, the baby is currently wrapped up and inaccessible for direct contact.


Extended Stay and Plea for Assistance

Thurza’s baby will require an extended stay in an incubator, likely for a minimum of three months, before being fit to travel.

Determined to bring her baby home, Thurza cannot leave Greece until he is ready for the journey.

However, legal restrictions allow her to stay in the country for only 90 days.

Seeking assistance, Thurza has reached out to the British Embassy for support in navigating this challenging situation.

Support and Fundraising Efforts

The British Embassy and local authorities are in contact with Thurza, providing assistance to the British family in Greece.

AXA, an insurance company, has confirmed that they will cover Thurza’s accommodation for the duration of her stay in Greece and support the family’s eventual return home.

To help with the financial burdens, Thurza has started a fundraiser, which has already received more than £2,600 in donations.

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