Mother Sues Peloton After Exercise Bike Falls, Tragically Killing Son in Brooklyn Apartment

A mother, Johanna Furtado, is pursuing a legal case against the home-exercise giant Peloton, alleging that her son, Ryan, lost his life due to a horrific incident involving one of their exercise bikes.

According to the lawsuit filed in New York, Ryan was tragically killed in January 2022, just a week before his 33rd birthday.

He was using the Peloton bike to assist him in rising from the floor as part of a workout program when the bike fell on him, severing his carotid artery and causing instant death.

A Disturbing Pattern of Incidents

This devastating incident is not the first time Peloton has faced such a tragedy.

In 2021, a 6-year-old child lost their life when dragged by a Peloton treadmill, and a 3-year-old suffered a severe “brain injury” in a similar incident.

In response to these incidents, Peloton discontinued its treadmill product.

These cases underscore the gravity of the safety issues associated with Peloton’s exercise equipment.

Peloton’s Changing Fortunes

Once considered a fitness darling during the COVID-19 pandemic, Peloton has faced a series of challenges.

While the company managed to exceed sales expectations in its fiscal fourth quarter, it reported a larger-than-expected loss, partly attributed to recall costs and shifts in consumer spending.

The company has sought to rebrand itself as a “health company” rather than just an exercise bike maker, offering tiered membership pricing and emphasizing inclusivity.

Blame and Negligence Claims

In response to the lawsuit, Peloton has shifted blame onto Ryan Furtado, citing his own negligence as the cause of the tragic accident.

This legal battle highlights the complexities involved in determining responsibility and liability in cases like these.

The Tragic Loss of Ryan Furtado

Ryan Furtado’s untimely death has left a void in the lives of his family, friends, and colleagues.

His obituary describes him as a beloved individual who excelled in his profession and cherished his passions, including music, baking, games, and Star Wars.

The community rallied around his family through a GoFundMe page to assist with funeral expenses, a testament to the impact he had on those around him.

Peloton’s Financial Challenges

While Peloton initially experienced exponential growth during the pandemic, its sales began to slow as the world adapted to a new normal.

The company faced additional setbacks, including the need for a recall related to seat posts and a decline in subscription renewals.

These challenges have prompted Peloton to make significant changes in its operations, including layoffs and restructuring.

A Challenging Road Ahead for Peloton

Looking forward, Peloton acknowledges ongoing financial challenges, with the expectation of facing a cash flow deficit in the upcoming quarters.

The company is also planning to resume pre-sales of its Tread+ treadmill during the holiday season, following approval from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.


The tragic incident involving Ryan Furtado underscores the critical importance of product safety and responsible usage of exercise equipment.

It also highlights the legal complexities surrounding such incidents, where blame may be contested.

Peloton, once a symbol of fitness innovation, now faces significant challenges, including shifting consumer preferences and safety concerns.

The company’s efforts to adapt and rebrand reflect the evolving landscape of the fitness industry and the need for ongoing vigilance regarding product safety and user education.

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